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How To Properly Pack Lampshades For Moving

How to Properly Pack Lampshades For Moving

How To Pack Lampshades For MovingPack Lampshades For Moving is a task that many people find to be quite daunting. This is even more so when packing items that are fragile. Think long distance moving and the worrying triples. This is where a packing & unpacking service comes in handy.

It’s too bad that many of them lack the requisite skills to properly transport your items or to give you tips on proper packaging and labeling. Think about moving an item around your house and how many times you’ve broken something. Remember that time when you forgot to label that bag or box then placed something on it and your priceless treasure was damaged? It will be a worse case scenario when you’re packing everything to move and do not have the right material, movers or advice.

However, not to fear, “We Move Anywhere” company is equipped to safely transport your sensitive items, and gives you important tips to help you package those items properly. One item that many people struggle with packing is lampshades. It is important to note that lamps and their shades should not be packed together. Here are a few tips on how to pack your lamps and shades, compiled to take some of the pressure of your packing:

Properly Pack The Lamp Base

Once you have removed the lamp’s harp and the bulb from it, the next move is to wrap the base of the lamp. After that, you carefully wrap the bulb in bubble wrap and/or newspaper. The larger the lamp, the more ideal it is for you to use paper with padding. Once you’ve completed to Pack Lampshades For Moving, place all the items together in a carton. Keep in mind there will be a lot of space left, so any unused paper you have around can be crushed and placed into those slots to keep the items sturdy. Items generally arrive intact when they are packaged right and placed in sturdy cartons. Don’t forget to label the box.

Dismantling The Lamp

It’s imperative that you get rid of incandescent bulbs as they can be hazardous. These bulbs can break quite easily while being transported, cause scratches to other items and injury to you when accessing the box after delivery. However, other bulbs such as CFL or LED will be okay to transport but must be wrapped properly due to their fragile state. Once they’ve been placed in bubble packaging, and set with other similar items in cartons, they are relatively secure.
The power cord, if left loose can also cause scratches to the lamp; therefore, neatly fold and wrap the cord to keep it and the lamp secure.
Now for the harp and finial(also called canopy) wrap those in paper separately too.
The lamp should not just be wrapped in plain paper, but rather in padded paper to ensure that it stays secure. Once you’ve completed this task, remember to place labels on the box.

Pack Lampshades For Moving

There are many items that can be wrapped in printed newspaper, however a lampshade is not one of them.
Never, under any circumstance, wrap your lampshade that way or you could ruin it. The ink from the Newspaper can permanently deface your lampshade by leaving ink on it.
Firstly, wrap the shade with care several times, using tissue paper. Secondly, use either a pillowcase or a light towel to keep it cushioned.Unlike the bulb, you want to leave about two inches of space around the shade for flexibility during transportation. Basically, get a box that’s slightly bigger than the lamp, place crushed paper under the shade, but definitely not circling the shade.
Now, if you have shades of different sizes, packing lampshades for moving become easier. Simply place the smaller shade within the bigger one once there is space left between them or once they will not touch each other. The bigger shade acts as a protective layer. In the event you have silk lampshades, do not place more than one in a box. In fact, do not pack any other item at all with it, so as to protect the silk from stretching or getting torn.
A good packing & unpacking service coordinator will always ensure that you get all the right tips when moving. Of course, properly packing your items, especially for a long distance move is good for your piece of mind and their reputation. That is why entities like “We Move Anywhere” Moving Company, go above and beyond to make the moving process, (especially when you have fragile items like lampshades) seamless. Label your box.

Packing Lampshades Recap

  1. Labeling the cartons is constantly emphasized, because it’s just as important as the packing & unpacking service. As a matter of fact, it is a part of that service. It’s a headache to figure out which box contains what, in order to pack them safely for transportation if they are not labeled. Also, once they are unpacked, separating them into their different rooms is much easier with labels and reduces the need to search and rearrange once your ready to begin unpacking.
  2. Place lampshades by themselves in cartons. The only exception is if you have a smaller shade that can fit inside the shade without touching it. There are no exceptions for silk shades.
  3. Avoided newsprint at all cost s for wrapping shades or stacking around the shade.
  4. Always used crumpled paper to keep the shade sturdy.
  5. Do not carry incandescent bulbs and pack others in paper and bubble wrap.
  6. Always use sturdy boxes, especially for long moves and fragile items like lampshades.
  7. When you close the box, make sure to only use packing tape to secure it. Anything else may be too loose and cause your items to fall from the box.

Label The Boxes

Don’t take chances with packing your items and later face having to buy them again, especially if you’ve spent a lot of money to buy it in the first place. Proper packaging now, saves you headache and extra costs later.
When in doubt, call a move coordinator, like “We Move Anywhere” Moving Company, where someone is always waiting to assist you with moving tips. Not only information on packing, but also the packaging material you need to get it done right the first time. Items like lampshades may seem simple, but the moment you speak to a coordinator, you’ll understand the relevance Pack Lampshades For Moving separately, carefully and with the right packing material.


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