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Top Questions Before Hiring A Moving Company

Top Questions Before Hiring A Moving Company
Top Questions Before Hiring A Moving Company – Are you moving to a new place either nearby or miles away? Are you puzzled on how you will relocate your household items or office items? Well, ease your worries and contact “We Move Anywhere” Company. “We Move Anywhere” Company is a fully licensed and insured moving company that will sort all your moving needs. The company has established itself as a household name in Miami, having served the relocation requests of the moving demands for over seventeen years. The company boasts of experienced movers that are highly trained and skilled in their work. They also offer you superb customer service in Spanish and English language even in their Moving FAQ’s.

Before Hiring, Know What To Ask

Before you sign a contract with “We Move Anywhere”, ensure that you ask the top questions for moving companies. Note that interrogating a moving company is crucial and should be taken seriously. With hundreds of movers around the globe, you can get confused about which one to choose. Every mover is different, and it is good to ask the right questions to avoid unnecessary charges, scams and damages. You might be wondering what kind of questions you should ask “We Move Anywhere”Moving Company. Well, below are some Top Questions Before Hiring “We Move Anywhere” Company.

Does your mover operate a legal business?

“We Move Anywhere” operates a legitimate business with the presence of its brick and mortar office based in the heart of Miami, Florida. They also have an active email and caller number that you can dial or email to acquire additional information. You can also visit “We Move Anywhere” Moving FAQ’s to go through frequently asked questions. In case of any doubts, you can verify their legality via various sources. You can check with the state government or city to attest that they have a valid operating license.

Can your mover provide references or reviews?

References and reviews of a company give you a true sense of their business practices. You can find out previous customers reviews by a simple click on Google, visiting Angie’s list or the Better Business Bureau. In this case, “We Move Anywhere” moving has proven to be a great moving company with good review ratings from previous users.

Are you dealing with the main moving company or an agent?

There are hundreds of moving company agents on the internet posing as the main company. They sell information to you with enticing offers and low-priced quotes. However, they do not guarantee top-notch services or control. Some ask for a down payment and later vanish and become unreachable before delivering. You must work with the actual company such as “We Move Anywhere” to negotiate your service terms and pricing.

Does your mover have FMCSA-issued authority?

There is no way you would like to contract with a moving company that is not registered under the federal government. If you do, then you risk losing your money and getting zero services. “We Move Anywhere” boasts of a federally-issued license and all its business are controlled by the law and bound by standards that control it’s pricing and transport.

Is your mover licensed for all locations transport?

Moving companies operating across state lines are required to be licensed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration by the Federal law. “We Move Anywhere” moving as your chosen company provides you with a copy of their federal levy upon demand. For more information, you can check with the licensing body to see if their operating license is updated.

Is your mover an acquaintance of the states Moving and Storage consortium?

Another of the top questions is whether your mover belongs to any states moving and storage consortium. The association certifies household movers and reinforces government policies and regulations that safeguard you from dishonest moving practices.

What documents will your moving company provide?

One of the top questions for moving companies is whether they can provide you with a duplicate of your rights and duties upon your movement. The copy is a federal law mandate to your mover. In case your “We Move Anywhere” moving does not provide you with this leaflet, you should take immediate notice and verify their credentials twice. Always insist on jotted down copies of your intricate inventory forms, estimate, Bill of Lading and order of service.

How much do their moving services cost?

The charges of the moving services is a common question among the top questions before hiring a moving company. Ask about their cheapest costs and extra fees charged before engaging with “We Move Anywhere” moving. Note that the company charges are calculated based on mileage covered, and weight of your items. Ask for a completely drafted description of possible services and charge for clarity.

“We Move Anywhere”have questions for you?

As an experienced mover, “We Move Anywhere” know better that unanswered questions result in impromptu charges. We shall ask you questions concerning the contents of your cabinets, basement, closet and garage. The information will help us create an inventory of all the things we need to prepare. We reveal features you haven’t even yet contemplated.

What amenities do your rates include/exclude?

Authenticate the information of your evaluation with “We Move Anywhere” moving before you sign an agreement. Visit their offices to ensure that your move is quoted face to face to ensure things like long carry charges, anticipated permit, heavy lifting, storage, shuttling, packing, appliance, stair and elevator are included. If possible, invite a professional judge to survey the entire work before signing to a moving quote. Ensure that you disclose all the particulars of your organized shift to avoid extra service charges & answer all the Top Questions Before Hiring A Moving Company.

Let’s Get Moving

As your household moving company, just like you, we hate surprises. As your household moving company, just like you, we hate surprises. We Move Anywhere Company ensure that our professional moving consultants give you an unchanging quote that covers the beginning of your relocation to the end. Besides, we are a licensed company that works under strict regulations that control our prices and transportation. You can rest assured you’re dealing with a trusted company. Our packing options and extra household moving services allow you to do as much/little as you want when it comes to your big relocation. We are open to any questions regarding moving, and we answer you right back in a few hours or minutes if you visit our offices or give us a call.