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Storage Services

“We Move Anywhere” Moving Company is a full service moving company that offers Storage Solutions including commercial storage and residential storage for long and short term storage service.

Storage Service Solutions

Customized Moving Services

Residential Storage

Moving from house to house can seem like a simple process but often things interfere with the intended moving plans and that can leave you with the need for a long or short term storage solution. Whether it be a delay in a moving schedule and you need storage to hold your items while the new residence is getting some finishing touches or you need a place for seasonal items you don’t plan to store in the home throughout the year. Offering a short term storage service and long term storage service so you can match your current needs.

Long Term Storage

Long term storage service can often become necessary for commercial or residential use. Many people often are just needing a local storage unit in their area. Independent storage and local moving can be provided by “We Move Anywhere” long distance moving agents which offers interstate moves but can contract local movers for smaller short distance jobs.

Commercial Storage

We offer moves for large or small businesses, this is similar to the residential storage and moving service but is more custom to different businesses un-installations and re-installation of fixtures and set ups at your new location. Commercial storage and long distance moving allows custom relocation and re-installation to the new office or workshop which is geared to your previous set up or a new set up based on the new business location.

More details on custom commercial moving and storage can be found here. For local moves from office moves due to local relocation or renovation, check out local moving and storage companies near you.

How to Move Appliances For Moving
Is Storage Services Right For Me?​

Are Storage Services Right For Me?

Are You Looking To Downsize?

Often over the years you may find that you have collected a large amount of items that you just aren’t ready to use. Downsizing the items out of the home into a storage unit could be a solution for you if you are able to review your belongings and properly go through them. It’s hard to properly get rid of items during a move when you are not sure if you are still needing that item at the new property. Downsizing can be time consuming and can be handled separately after a move is complete, this can be achieved by opting for a storage solution.

Planning To Move Abroad? 

Looking to move your items out of the country and you need a service that can get your items to the transit service? We can get your items to a harbor transport or air cargo transport location of your choosing. This will take the stress out of packing items and getting them to transit.

Moving Across The Country?

Whether moving out of town, across country or just to the next state, we offers a wide variety of custom moving and storage options. “We Move Anywhere” offers out of state storage options and full service storage options that can meet your specification. We can provide a short term storage services option for temporary storage while you organize and downsize or while you secure a new property. 

Also offering long term storage services as well for a less temporary use. “We Move Anywhere” has a federal license that allows them to offer long-distance moving and storage services, this licenses applies to both residential and commercial moves across the country.

Looking for a Local Storage Service Company?

Local moving and storage options can be contracted by our interstate moving agents. “We Move Anywhere” interstate moving teams are contracted by us, they are able to set up arrangements for a local storage service company provided by local teams near your new location. This service can be provided as needed and will allow you to work with a local team to set up your upcoming move and storage plan.

Preparing For Storage

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