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Packing Silverware For Moving

Packing Silverware For Moving

Properly Pack Silverware

Packing Silverware For Moving – You have found a new place, the community that you love, the home that you want to move in. Your moving schedule is ready, movers are booked on time. Now, all you have to do is pack your belongings, your kitchen utensils, cookware and silverware all in one box, right? Not quite.

Things To Move

First, you will need to decide what items you want to take with you, and what items you don’t need. So make a list. Organizing everything is the key here. If you are planning to pack valuable items such as antique, silverware, silver-plated decoration materials, pack them separately so that they are easily accessible. Better yet, carry them with you in your personal vehicle. If this is no possible, pack them carefully and responsibly.

Coverage For Valuables

By being careful, it means following certain tips and advice as given in this article below. Start with an inventory list of silverware and similar pieces of valuables on a sheet of paper. Take pictures of the silverware and store them in a safe place like your cellphone or cloud for future needs. According to the moving industry, those items that have a value of more than $100 in the current market are considered to be “articles of extraordinary value”. This also means protecting such items through insurance coverage for your short or long distance moves, even international moves.

Liability Coverage

Whether or not you want to disclose the list of valuable inventory such as silverware and antiques to the moving firm like “We Move Anywhere” Moving Company is up to you. However, disclosing this list will make it easier for the movers to take special care of the items and see that they are not misplaced or damaged. Most moving companies, including “We Move Anywhere” Company, that provide packing & unpacking services assume liabilities for items lost or stolen, which means in times of loss, they are liable for the full price of the item. Another way to protect your valuable silverware is to have them covered through your home or property insurance. There are also insurance policies that specifically cover antiques and other expensive things, so make use of them as well.

Careful Packing

Remember that packing silverware for moving is nothing like most of the packing that we make – unlike clothes, furniture and other things that are of not of much value. To understand the options available for packing them and get the best deal, it is good to know what is being offered before you begin. Before packing silverware for moving, gather every silverware that you have considered to be precious. You will need sturdy boxes, especially for your long distance moves, that can be completely closed with flaps. If you are using packing papers, they need to be clear of newsprint or free from sulfur. Use, bubble wrap, paper pads, tissue paper if necessary. Mark the boxes with felt-tipped markers to make it easier to access at the destination.

Preparation & Wrap-up

Once you are done gathering all the materials for packing, it is time to wash and polish the silver pieces. This will not only make the silverware shine but help protect them while they are stored in moving boxes or storage containers. You would normally use a conventional moving box to stash all the silver pieces, but if possible, perhaps to prevent them from tarnishing, you may want to select an airtight container. Silverware shouldn’t be exposed to air, so enclose them either in cloth bags sold at silver retailers or tissue paper wrapped tightly around.

All Inclusive

For silver hollow-ware such as tea sets, dishes, cups and bowls, wrapping carefully with proper materials can go a long way in protecting them from scratches, dents and damages. Make sure to fill any gaps inside the bowls or cups with tissue paper. Wrap the silver hollow-ware individually, paying attention to not create space between the ware and the wrapper. Do not, for any reason, use old newspapers or printed materials as the ink from these papers can easily cause tarnishing and ruin the items. A double or triple layer will serve well during the move, especially if your are moving long distance or internationally. For delicate silverware, use bubble wrap along with tissue papers or other soft wrapping materials.

If you have plates and platters made of silver that need to be moved, use a sturdy box, once again with airtight material. Place the plates on their ends and not flat. Build up the stack in layers starting with heavy plates and platters on the bottom and lighter ones on top. Use crushed papers to separate each layer. Use bubble wrap between layers as much as possible. Teapots, bowls and other fragile silverware should be wrapped in multiple layers of tissue or packing papers.

Fragile Wares

After you have packed, you will probably be on pins and needles, wondering how the items will survive the harsh road conditions or weather. Do not worry as your movers will have plenty of suggestions to offer. Once the box is complete, seal it and label the box naming all the contents on the outer side. If the box has anything delicate, label it as fragile. Draw markings to indicate which side is up so the movers know how to carry and be prepared for the move.

For loose flatware, use the same method of wrapping the rest of the silverware, with clear tissue or bubble wrap. If the silverware is stored in a container or chest, you may still want to individually wrap those items and not let them jingle during the journey. You will want to reposition them in these containers and fill in the empty spaces with paper towels or even clothes. Make sure to wrap the chest or container containing these silverware with bubble wrap as well.

Special Move

Can you move silverware in your personal vehicle? Certainly yes, but follow the same packing tips as mentioned above. If you decide to use moving companies to move silverware, get in-person, written quotes for the special delivery. Sometimes, movers may offer a discount if you decide to carry valuables yourself. If you are moving long distance or interstate, even for international moves, ask for a license number and liability details that movers carry.

Reliable Movers

Last but not least, utilize Packing Silverware For Moving that are offered without charge or for a nominal fee. Movers regulated by certain agencies can’t charge unnecessarily more than a specific amount for packing, so don’t let the mover pull a separate quote. If you are being quoted an extremely low rates because of the presence of valuables, be suspicious. In all cases, read reviews and look for tips and advice from people who have already done this type of move. The best reliable moving company is the one that provides full-service move, answering all your queries and packs everything for you to whisk it away. With “We Move Anywhere” Moving Company, you really can trust and expect to have a peaceful transition from your starting location to destination.