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Packing Shoes For Moving

Packing Shoes For Moving

Pack Your Shoes For Moving

Relocating is a crucial and bold step in life. Whether it is a Local Move or International Move, it can be exciting and challenging to set out into a new life. The process comes with endless packing that makes it a daunting task. Not only do you deal with packing your large Electronics and Fragile China, but you also have to ensure that they get to the destination undamaged.

The Process of Packing Shoes

Most people find it tedious to pack their shoes since they come in various sizes and shapes. Besides, shoes are usually bulky and dirty. Although you may be tempted to throw them in a bag or box, don’t because the shoes might get crumpled, scuffed, or damage. Continue reading to find out how to pack shoes for moving safely.

Sorting Out Shoe Collection

The first important tip of packing shoes for moving is to sort them. Take time to go through your shoe selection and decide which ones you want or don’t need anymore. It is not worth taking the footwear that you won’t need, maybe due to climatic differences, especially in a long-distance move. This process saves you time, money, and effort; The sorting process involves:


If you have shoes that are damaged beyond repair, put them in the garbage. For the shoes that are still in good condition but you don’t wear for a reason or another, consider gifting or donating. You can also have a garage sale for the expensive pairs.

Categorize Footwear

Group the shoes that you are taking to your new home based on their type. Footwear requires different storage needs depending on the material and purpose. Place the assortment of shoes in categories like dress shoes, casual shoes, leather shoes, and official shoes.

Prepare Shoes For Packing

Preparing shoes for packing goes a long way in ensuring that the shoes don’t grow molds or get damaged.  Examine the selected shoes to see if some need repairs. Whether it is replacing zippers or sewing up, ensure they are fixed before the relocation date. Should you find that mending the shoes is not worth it, dump them. Also wipe down the shoes, including the soles, to remove any dirt or debris. Cleaning shoes protects them from possible damage or staining. It is also a time saver when unpacking.

Ensure The Shoes Are Completely Dry

Damp shoes are likely to develop mold during a long distance move. Air out footwear such as leather shoes and sports shoes for a few hours because they are vulnerable to humidity. Other methods to combat odors include; freezing shoes, using a citrus peel, baking powder, or tea bag.

Stuffing Shoes

Stuff crumpled paper or rolled socks in the shoes to prevent them from losing their shape during transportation. It is also another way of packing your socks without using extra space. However, packing paper or soft fabrics is the ideal choice. Although shoe trees may be expensive, they are an excellent option for this purpose. Are you worried about your boots, creasing? Slide pool noodles inside instead of folding them.

Choosing The Right Shoe-Packing Material

Shoes can be quite expensive. People with a vast assortment of designer and branded shoes consider them as an investment. Therefore, it is only right to want to preserve your valuables during the move. It would help if you had more than a storage box or a plastic bag for the best protection against possible damage.
Use top-grade materials for your treasured selection. You will need:

  • Packing paper
  • Sturdy boxes
  • Permanent marker
  • Packing tape

Proper shoe storage typically involves a lot of paper. It is advisable to stay away from newspapers or colored papers to avoid staining your shoes. Use clean packing papers or paper towels to secure your shoes from smashing. Pack your shoes with a material that preserves their quality.

Wrapping & Packing Process

Now that you have taken all the necessary preparations, it is time for the actual packing process. Feeling exhausted already? Hire a moving company experienced in packing & unpacking services to take over the stressful work. “We Move Anywhere”  Moving Company is an ideal service provider that you can entrust with your package for a local move and beyond. When it comes to packing shoes, you want efficiency and safety. here are some efficient tips on how to pack shoes for moving.

Pack Out Of Season Collection

Pack the shoes that you won’t need ahead of time. If you are relocating during winter, you will not be using summer shoes like flip flops or sandals. Do you have any specialty shoes such as hiking footwear, beach shoes, or formal ones? Box them early to avoid the last-minute rush.
Remember to put aside shoes that you will use during the moving day and transitional days before the big day. Moving-day shoes should be comfortable due to the exhausting nature of the process.

Packing Shoes In An Efficient Manner

If possible, avoid stuffing many pairs together. Wrap shoes individually with bubble wraps or packing papers to protect them from scratching each other. Although many people ditch the boxes that shoes come in, they are the best storage solution. Plastic containers are also a cheaper way to pack shoes. Keep the shoes in pairs to avoid losing them. Use clean materials to stuff the shoes. If you are using cardboard boxes, double tape them to make them sturdy. Also, fill the remaining space in the box with papers to avoid shifting. When it is all done, close the box, tape it, and label it with a permanent marker.

Pack Heavy Shoes First

If you are using a single box or container to pack various shoes, remember to keep the heavy ones at the bottom. Use a protective layer of packing paper to cover them. From there, place lighter ones on top. Apply the same measure when you are storing smaller boxes in a much larger one. When packing shoes, refrain from pressing them as it may distort the shape. Keep in mind that overloading the boxes may smash the shoes cause irreparable damage. Not all your shoes need superior protection. Tie your gardening and sports shoes by the laces and store them in a container.

Freshen Up The Shoes

After packing shoes in boxes, place a teabag or a fragrance to freshen up the smell. Some scents can include lavender, orange and mint depending on your liking. It ensures that your shoes will still be fresh even during an international move.

Use Bubble Wraps For Protection

Instead of wrapping your shoes in plastic bags, use bubble wraps. They are studier, thereby offering more protection. Wrap them around heels and buckles to prevent them from breaking or digging in each other. They are also ideal for keeping dirty shoes. Just ensure the shoes are entirely dry to avoid trapping the moisture inside the plastic.

Find A Reliable Firm For Packing & Unpacking Services

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