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Packing Books Before A Move

Packing Books Before A Move

How To Pack Books For Moving

Packing Books Before A Move – Moving is a tiresome process as it requires sorting out household items according to their size and how delicate they are. With books, it will depend on the size or number you have in your house. This might look easy before settling down for the whole process. The involving process that will require you to pack books before a move might drain you physically, preventing you from going on with other activities.

The involving nature of moving can make you opt for vast variety of moving services to help save your back and get the packing done faster and professionally. Here are some essential tips from “We Move Anywhere” Company that will guide you when packing books before a move.


Pack in Small Strong Boxes

Having a bigger box for the books will make it heavy to lift. To avoid struggling with the weight, pack in short but strong boxes. You can use already used boxes that are in good shape to cut on expenses. But if you can afford to buy the new ones, go for it.

Seal Properly

Seal the box’s lower side with a sealing tape on the weak ends and the box’s joining points to offer strong support for the books’ weight. Sealing will ensure that the books don’t drop from the bottom unnoticed and will make your work easy while lifting since the box will not break.

Seal the upper part of the box, using a box sealing tape to ensure the books’ safety. Ensure all the box corners at the top of the box are well secured by the tape to have a strong seal. You can use the H-taping method to make your work easy.


Wrap the Boxes

Wrap inside the box using papers, clothes, or old magazines to provide an extra protection layer. Doing this will protect the books from any damage while on the road.

Arrange & Sort the Books According to Their Size

The arrangement will help you put each book in the right box reducing the confusion that arises when unpacking. While sorting, you will get to know the books you still value and the ones you don’t need, which will help you decide on which ones to carry while moving.

Carry More Valuable Books With You

Have a different bunch of books you deem valuable, and you can use it in the process of moving. You can even decide to have them with you in the vehicle while relocating to avoid searching for them in the other bunches of books after settling down. When you have the books with you while moving, the chances of getting damaged reduce. Unlike when on the moving truck where they will be under other boxes, increasing the possibility of getting destroyed.

Fill The Gaps

Fill the box with the books just according to the arrangement you had done before, ensure that you put them on either their edges, flat or standing position to protect them from bending.

Look for the remaining gaps after packing the box and fill them out using unused wrapping papers or pieces of clothes. Filling the gaps will prevent the books from folding themselves from pressure brought by the moving truck.

Mark The Boxes

Use a bold marker pen to write the box’s contents to avoid having the wrong box in the wrong room while unpacking the items. Don’t forget to indicate the place and shelve which you will need the books after unpacking to reduce the workload of further sorting.

Packing When Moving for Long Distance or Next Door

Although the process of packing books before a move is the same, it can be different depending on the distance of your move. To save you on that, consider hiring “We Move Anywhere” Company.

These are experts who have vast experience in packing and unpacking services. The company will pack books for moving and advice on what to do with books that you no longer need. This will help you reduce the cost of moving. They will also offer you a variety of packing options according to your needs.


What To Do With Books You No Longer Need

While sorting the books according to their size and necessity at the initial stages of packing books before a move, you will get a better idea of what to do with the not essential books.
You can decide to do the following:
  • Donate the books to a nearby charity organization with a library to boost books’ stock, increasing information-rich.
  • If the books are academic, you can give them to a relevant school that uses them; the books can fit either college or primary school use, so sort them according to their level.
  • You can also look for a nearby library that will accept your book donation to enrich their book stock.
  • Consider the people living around you like close friends, family members, and even neighbors.

If you can’t figure where to find a school, library, or charity organization to donate your books to, passing a book to either a friend or neighbor can be very easy. You can invite them over to help you pack books for moving and, in return, give them some of the books that you no longer need.Having them help you will save you from spending money you could have on packing & unpacking services. It will also keep you from the hustle of looking for a place to donate the books. It will also save you from the taxes some states impose when you donate a book to either a school or charity organization library.

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If you follow the above tips of using small boxes, sealing the box’s bottom, and wrap inside the box before packing the book into the box, you will have easier moving and protect your books as well.Ensure you arrange and sort the books according to size and importance to avoid frustrations while unpacking. Don’t forget to fill in the empty spaces left after packing the books and seal the box’s upper part afterward.

You need your books to reach their destination in perfect shape hence you must do all it takes. If you cannot do it yourself, seek the services of experts such as “We Move Anywhere” Company.


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