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Packing Beddings & Linens For Moving

Packing Beddings & Linens For Moving
Packing Beddings & Linens For Moving – We hope you have had time to read our last blog(concerning packing up your bedroom for your next move). Today’s discussion is kind of along those lines, but a little bit different.Today we will be talking about packing beddings & linens for moving. Now, this is not a complicated task, but sometimes you forget a few of the essentials. That is why we are here today. We want to remind you.

A Few Essentials To Talk About

Remember, you might not view your linens and other bedding as “fragile”, but you still need to protect it when you move. Did you know that mold and mildew can interrupt the flow? Mold and mildew can start to form on linens and bedding that are not properly insulated or protected.

The Bedding

  1. The first thing we should talk about is protecting your bedding. Start by doing one bedroom at a time. It might seem more efficient to pack all the bedding into one box, but it is not.
  2. Try to use the large boxes if you can. Remember that the boxes will become weighed down(the more you pack in there). Please try to keep that in mind. You might have to use a few large boxes for one bedroom(just saying).
  3. Use packing paper to line the boxes before you start.
  4. It is okay to pack some of the pillowcases in your drawers, but only if they are small. Larger pillowcases are going to create more pressure.
  5. Place some packing paper on the top of each box. Seal the boxes with tape and label. The extra layer of paper at the top will keep added moisture and insects from forming inside.
A bonus tip: Did you know you can use vacuum storage to compress everything on the inside. That will create more room, but still be careful. Too much room could add too much pressure. Keep it light as you compress.

Packing the Drapes and Other Assorted Curtains

Some of you might not have the access to a packing & unpacking service, which is why we are here.
  1. Take the time to clean everything before you move. You never let dust and other germs settle as you prepare. That could lead to other issues once you get to your desired location. Clean your curtains, drapes, and bedding 100% before packing.
  2. Fold your draperies by the length. Put them on a hanger once you are done. Please pin your draperies on the hangers too. That will reduce the chances of any damage happening.
  3. Place a wardrobe bar on the inside of the box. Place the hanger on that bar. Once again, this is done to prevent wrinkles from happening(or creases).
  4. Never place the items at the bottom. Once again, please do not overstock the boxes with your curtains. This is going to cause more wrinkles and creases. It is also going to make it harder to move.

Label and date the boxes.

We are suggesting you date the boxes for one main reason. That way you do not confuse things. You might have something important hanging in your curtain box. You do not want to confuse those items with something else.

Some of you might not have access to wardrobe boxes for your clothing or curtains. There is simple solution. You can still use regular sturdy boxes(like you did for everything else). We do recommend that you still iron the curtains. We also recommend that you use extra padding in those boxes.

How Do You Pack The Rugs?

This section is designed for the rug lovers. Everyone has different types of rugs, so use your discretion with this. We say that because some of these tips might not apply to you, but they will apply to most.
  1. Once again, clean all your rugs and draperies before moving.Some of you might need to shampoo your rugs thoroughly. It depends on the type of rug and how large it is. You do not want to add dirt and mold to your list after your move.
  2. Have you ever seen those large plastic containers(on tv) that people use to transport their rugs? Use those for the larger rugs.
  3. What happens if you do not have ways to transport your larger area rugs properly? Leave them on the floor. Let “We Move Anywhere” take care of them for you. They have the tools to transport your rugs correctly.
Did your rugs just come back from the cleaners? Leave them be. They should already be in plastic carrying case.

How Do I Pack An Area Rug?

A lot of people ask this question. They want to know how to pack their rugs during a moving. The first thing you have to do is to protect the ends of the rug(no matter how large or small the area rug is).

You begin by rolling with the short end first. The reason is that you have the back of the rug as close to the outside as you can get it.

When you wrap the end of the rug, you use a paper pad and leave six inches open.

A paper pad is used to protect various fragile items, so you should not have problems finding one.

Secure the pad with some tape(at the end), Repeat this process on the other side of the rug.

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