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With our company, you can rest easy knowing that your move will be handled with professional care with a level of quality that is unmatched in the industry. We have the necessary experience under our belt to help facilitate a successful out of state moves to any location desired. Allow us to be your movers for out of state with remarkable efficiency.

Our services include essentials such as packing, unpacking, storing, moving protection & customer service that leaves nothing to be desired. We take pride in providing movers with the necessary services to ensure a successful journey to your new location!

Your belongings will be handled with great care and precision as we traverse across state lines towards your future. Get a quote today to start your personal consultation to assess the volume of the move and start mapping out the trip with us! We are friendly and function with integrity on and off the road giving you peace of mind during the transportation process. 

We give you the confidence to hire us for large and small moves by following the proper codes and procedures traveling across state lines. We stay true to our name by offering you expansive opportunities to move to any location no matter how far. There are also certain permits needed and we will help you get them!

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Out Of State Moving Checklists

We have laid out standards and procedures that we as a company adhere to to ensure smooth movement when traveling and interconnecting to various states worldwide. Our core mandate gets founded on our mission and vision, and we strive to stay true to these mantras of offering ample opportunities when moving from one location to the next. One aspect that makes us quite a unique company is our diversification and expansive nature of our services. Seeking to create a comprehensive plan for your out of state move is crucial, so we have you covered with various checklists to nurture your organizational endeavors as an out of state movers!

First Night Box Checklist:

Move prepared for your first night at the new location with this valuable checklist!

Packing Valuables Checklist:

There are certain tips here for ensuring your valuables remain intact during the moving process, so take a look to preserve their safety!

Supplies Checklist:

Don't get caught in the dark by having a plan of action regarding the necessary items for the trip. Here you can browse some of the important methods for packing the essentials.

Non-Allowable Checklist:

Make sure you review this list of restricted items that may hinder your move if not heeded. Certain items must be kept separate according to the moving regulations

Packing 101 Checklist:

Check out our basic packing tips to ensure a smooth process. Even the smallest tips can make the difference, especially when you have a plethora of items to sort through before the big move.

Out Of State Moving FAQs:

We understand that you may have some questions regarding the move, this is exactly why we offer the FAQs section for you to browse. Here you will find answers to the common questions we receive from our customers and guide them with the right answers.

Out of State Moving Service Includes

Our Movers for out of state are reliable & hard-working people who have great empathy for your moving situation across the country. We know it can be an intimidating task, which is why we offer you the convenient out of state moving service with multiple moving options as listed below.

Packing & Unpacking

Our company provides one of the most professional and reliable services for packing and unpacking our client’s items. The relocation burden can be tiresome at times, but we shoulder all the responsibility for our Out Of State Movers. As part of our elaborate out of state moving and federal relocation services, we provide partial packing and unpacking services at the client’s convenience and request.

Car Shipping

Another federal relocation service that we pride ourselves on is complete and partial vehicle shipping to our client’s desired location. We have a team of dedicated interstate movers who are professionally trained in handling and transporting vehicles to your new destination.

Cleaning Services

Most movers overlook that cleaning is an essential part of the moving ecosystem that must occur before any unpacking can occur. When left in the hands of a Out Of State Movers, this can become a headache, especially immediately after relocating to a new place. We have an entire team of cleaning professionals that offer professional cleaning services when moving in and out of the premises. 

Storage Services

We are proud to offer you short or long term storage options in the event a location isn’t completed yet. 

Temporary storage options are available to suit your individual needs and take the load off your shoulders in a safe location.

How Long Does It Take to Move Out of State?

How long does it take to move out of state?  The answer is, it will depend on many factors such as moving destination, number of belongings, etc. Usually, moving out of state takes between 1-21 days. Let’s see the average moving time of out of state moves.

0-2501-4 days
250-6002-8 days
600-9003-12 days
900-12004-13 days
1200-18005-18 days
1800-30006-21 days

Check out our moving cost calculator for estimating your cost or contact us now!

Out Of State Moves

What Is The Cheapest Way To Move Out Of State?

Simplifying Out of State Moving Services

When it comes to handling our client’s services, our company has a resounding reputation in moving and handling your belongings with professionalism and a touch of care that goes unmatched in the moving industry. Our professional experts get correctly and adequately trained in handling any out of state moves to any state across the united states. We also boast of extensive experience in the moving industry spread to many years we have been in the business.

By allowing and trusting us with the responsibility of being your movers out of the state, we guarantee efficiency and support during the entire moving process. We offer state of the art moving services handled by professional experts in the industry. Some of the moving services we specialize in include offering essential services such as storing, packing, unpacking customer service and item protection during transit and upon arrival at the destination.

Simplifying Out of State Moving Services

Selecting Right Movers for Out of State Moving

To make out of state moving easy and hassle free it is important to select right movers. One of the considerations that most movers have when deciding which moving company to handle their belongings is how their items get handed. Here at “We Move Anywhere”, we have a responsibility and a commitment to our clients to deliver and offer quality services coupled with great care and precision handing of their items. We ensure saving transit of items and belongings across various states in the united states where our clients are relocating.

Our journey commences with a client getting quiet for personalized consultation that kick starts assessing your luggage volume and mapping the routes and maps for us. As a top moving company, we ensure the process of out of state moving is transparent and passes the integrity test to sit back and enjoy knowing that your items get handled by a professional mover.

We have a reputation to maintain as a company, and we do not discriminate against our clients based on the size of the items to move. All our customers, whether hiring us to carry small items or a large consignment, we treat our customers with respect and dedication.

Factors You Should Consider When Selecting The Right Out of State Movers

  1. Reputation of the Company

The reputation of the out of state movers that you employ is incredibly important. To have a successful move that requires as little stress as possible, you should make sure that the movers you are employing have a good reputation and have completed moves of this distance before. We Move Anywhere has an average rating of four out of five stars and has completed over 1,000 moves.

  1. Thoroughness of the Company When Providing an Estimate

To properly get an idea of how much the move will cost, the moving company should be willing to come to your home and give an estimate. The company should have a thorough estimate when calculating the price of the move. This should include viewing the items you plan on moving and learning the exact days and distance that you are moving. Without a thorough estimate, your moving expenses will likely be inaccurate.

  1. Your Budget

Your budget is incredibly important when you are evaluating out of state movers. Moving can be a costly event because of all the tasks that you must complete prior to moving. Depending on whether you are looking for a cheaper company, or if you are willing to spend some extra money on a moving company, then you will want to evaluate the cost of moving.

  1. Pricing Options Provided by the Company

The pricing options provided by the companies that you are looking at are crucial to sticking to your budget. Once you set a budget you should not exceed it and certain companies are more flexible with pricing than others. Certain companies have multiple pricing options depending on the move, while others have on pricing option for all moves. Prior to hiring a company, you will want to evaluate the company’s pricing options.

  1. Licenses

Making sure that the company you are considering is licensed is incredibly important. The licenses for the company should be provided by the state government that they operate in, which signifies that the company is legally able to provide their services within that state. It also ensures that the company meets the state’s standards and can be trusted. We Move Anywhere lists all licenses on our website for you to look at any time.

  1. Insurances

Moving long distances can come with some risks, and those risks that come with moving including damaging your personal items. Making sure that a company has insurance will keep you from worrying about having to pay for any damages that take place. The company will provide you with insurance, which means they will compensate you for any damages that result on their behalf.

  1. Customer Service

Customer service is huge when picking an out of state mover. You are going to be in frequent contact with the moving company that you hire from the time you hire them to the time you move. Since you will be in frequent contact with them, you will want to make sure that they have good customer service and are willing to talk to you and answer any questions that you may have.

  1. Communication Skills

Communication skills are just as important as good customer service skills. The two are similar, but they are also slightly different. Often, when you call the company that you hire you will not speak to the moving team that will arrive at your home. It is important that the moving team that is tasked with your move can clearly communicate with you to make the process smooth.

  1. Recommendations

Recommendations are a great resource to have when you are looking to hire out of state moving services. If you have friends, or family, that has moved out of state and hired one of the companies you are considering, then you should ask them about it. Having a recommendation from someone that has worked with them in the past will give you a proper judgement of the company.

  1. Accommodates Your Needs

Moving out of state is an extremely stressful process, which is why you should look for a company that is willing to accommodate your needs. If a company is not willing to accommodate your needs, then it may add extra stress to your move.

Out of State Federal Relocation Services

At “We move Anywhere”, movers for out of state is a team of some of the most reliable and super hardworking professionals. They work in supporting our clients move across the country with great compassion and empathy. Moving can at times get intimidating and are pretty flexible in our services, offering convenience and multiple interstate Federal Relocation services as listed on this page.


Factors Of Hiring The Best Out of State Movers

As one is considering their most suitable company to engage with when it comes to moving your items to a new location, some factors come into play that assists you in deciding and choosing the right company for you. The following are some of the factors for hiring one of the top out of state movers.

Reliable Moving Services

Reliable Moving Services

A moving company with a reputable service must ensure that they provide a well elaborate list and checklist for Out Of State Movers customer relocation to your new location. 

Packing valuables ensures that your items do not get damaged during transit. A reputable moving company must ensure the safety and proper preservation of your items during the moving process.

High-End Moving Equipment

High-End Moving Equipment

There are various modes and methods of moving your items from one location to the next. The most common ones are moving container or using a rental truck. These two methods have different cost efficiency. 

Consequently, the method of moving items selected determines the storage capacity available. By its virtue of having ample space, a container offers better storage capacity than a rental truck.

Competitive Moving Cost

Overall shipping cost is another factor that one should consider when hiring an out of state moving company. 

Cost is an accumulation of several services that a client gets offered by the moving company. Consider interrogating various forms and the cost involved in transportation. 

Cost is a factor that no one can entirely predict.

How to Prepare for Moving Out of State?

One of the most tiring and time-consuming exercises that one can undertake is when it comes to how to prepare for an out-of-state move. This process drains your energy and resources as we. But with perfect and excellent planning, the whole process can get simplified. The following checklist will come in handy while preparing to move.

The first step is to prepare and understand your relocation budget. Secondly, decide on the moving company you are going to engage in your Out Of State Movers. Also, determine the method of item movement you will use, whether a container of a rental truck will suit your needs best. Ensure you visit your new state and make sure you secure a nice place to live in. lastly, embark on the process of packing as early as possible. Getting your kids a new school as early as possible is also an excellent and wise decision to undertake during such a time.

Being in a new state or location comes with challenges such as locating healthcare facilities and finding a new family doctor. Arrange to have a list of health facilities within your new locality.

Prepare for Out Of State move;

  1. Map Out the Route Ahead of Time

Mapping out the route to your new home ahead of time should be something that you do way before you make your actual move. Ideally you would like to travel to your new home yourself. However, if you are not able to do so, then you should map out the route you are traveling so there are not any surprises when you and the movers make the trip.

  1. Pack Your Belongings Strategically

If you would prefer that you pack your things to ensure that everything is accounted for, then you will want to make sure that you do so strategically. You should include items that are going to be in the same room together to avoid having to go through multiple boxes to find something. Strategically packing will take some time prior to the move, but your life will be much easier after the move is complete.

  1. Create an Inventory List

Again, if you would like to pack your things yourself, then you should make a list of what you have packed and in what box it is in. This will allow you to easily find things when you are unpacking your belongings at your new home, and it will help you ensure that nothing was lost during the actual move.

  1. Contact Potential Landlords About Move-In Date

If you are moving into an apartment, or renting a home, then you will want to contact your landlord about your move-in date. You will not want to make the move to find out you are not able to move in quite yet. This will ensure that you have a place to live when you get there.

  1. Make Arrangements for Shipping Your Car if Necessary

Depending on how far away you are moving, you may want to ship your car and fly there. Shipping your car can be a process because of all the details that are involved, but it can make the moving process much easier. Flying will make the traveling much easier on you and you will not have to worry about potential accidents that could occur on the road.

  1. Pack a Separate Bag for Your Move

Packing a separate bag will keep you from having to go through all your boxes to look for something. If you know you will need something during your move, then you should pack it in a separate bag that you are going to have access to. This will make your life much easier as you travel during your move.

  1. Identify Possible Storage Facilities

Depending on how many things you are bringing with you to your new home, and the size of your new home, you may need a storage facility. It is better to know of potential storage space that is available to you when you get there, than get there and be in search of storage space that is not available.

  1. Confirm Moving Date and Arrival Time

This is like checking with your landlord, but you will be checking with the moving company. This is just one of the last things you should do leading up to your move to make sure that everyone is on the same page. If your moving company is not on the same page as you come moving day, then there may be a lot of unneeded stress that is added to your life.


Why You Should Use A Professional Movers While Moving Out of State

There are many benefits that accompany hiring a professional moving team for moving out of state. Moving anywhere is a super stressful time because of the number of things that must get done in a short period of time. Hiring a professional moving company can help relieve that stress.

A professional moving company provides packing services, ensures protection of your belongings and physically moves everything for you. Packing is stressful because you need to keep track of everything that is packed, and you must take the time to put everything into boxes. A professional moving company does all of that for you so you can focus on other important matters. Moving can potentially lead to damaging of your belongings. However, if you hire a moving company, then they should protect your belongings and reimburse you for any damages they cause. Also, physically moving everything is taxing on your body and extremely tiring. The company you hire has professionals that will move all your things and do it in a much timelier manner.

At We Move Anywhere, we take pride in making your life easier during your move, and all these things will save you stress and time during this process.


Choose We Move Anywhere As Your Out of State Movers!

Our experience with our esteemed clients leaves them wowed due to our performance that outlives their expectation. We value and take pride in the services that we offer as a company, and that’s one of the unique features that make us different and stand out from the rest in the market. Your trust in our services and our capabilities is undoubtedly the best choice for a Simplify Out Of State Moving Service that is successful moving experience to a new location.

We Move Anywhere as a out of state movers. We have a customized checklist that our clients can use to request our services. Our pricing is fairly priced, and we consider all the necessary factors when determining the price for our Out Of State Movers customers. We as a moving company, have a transparent and fair pricing policy that guide our operations in all the branches and states we offer our services.

Why You Choose Us

You are probably overjoyed and delighted about your move to a new out of state home, but the hard work that goes with it is a little daunting. With high hopes and endless possibilities, you start to plan and organize to make moving out of the state as easy as possible. You don’t have to go it alone. You can get help from professionals who have experience at out of state moves and can do the heavy lifting to lighten your burden. We Move Anywhere can help you at all stages of your move, from pre-planning to unpacking.

With years of experience and daily practice, We Move Anywhere offers you a no risk, flexible move and will adapt their services to your needs. There is advice and tools at to help you get started. Whether you only want loading and unloading service or full service, We Move Anywhere can give you a quote to better help plan your budget.

Most out of state moving services charge by the weight and unit size of your property as well as the distance it will be transported, something you should keep in mind when planning your budget and deciding what to move and what to leave behind. With We Move Anywhere you will receive a truck spacious enough to accommodate your property, reasonable pricing with no hidden charges, transport with security features such as cameras, alarms and tracking to keep your property safe, and professional out of state movers to help every mile of the move to ensure a successful move.

You can also make a room by room inventory of items as you decide what to keep and what to give away, sale or discard. This will make things go smoother even if you decide to take advantage of We Move Anywhere’s full service moving options. You will have a personal coordinator to help oversee your move, your property loaded, transported and unloaded at your new address, moving protection for full property value, qualified drivers and packing equipment.

We Move Anywhere takes the stress out of moving out of state and saves you time with services that will free you up to do other things, such as finding out more about your new home state, your kids’ new school and the new community you will be a part of. You still have to transfer your home’s utilities and perhaps check on getting a new driver’s license. Full service packages offer packing and unpacking services and provide all needed packing materials. Let We Move Anywhere take you through the entire process of moving your home to a new state to put your doubts to rest.

Moving Without Help

Making the move alone, you will have the expense of renting a truck, moving tools, packing, loading the truck, driving, unloading the truck and setting up your household in a new location. We Move Anywhere can take all or parts of this process out of your hands. The professional out of state mover team members know how to lift, load and handle furniture without straining or injuring themselves. We Move Anywhere is licensed and insured and covers your property if lost or damaged while moving. Although you have your inventory and checklists, We Move Anywhere movers will also check your property to ensure everything gets moved.

Estimates and Including Optional Services

We Move Anywhere will give you a written estimate. Full service packages include storage in case your new home is not yet available. Packing Services can be full or partial packing, depending upon your needs. Unpacking services are also available. Waste, trash and debris removal is included in full service packages. You can also get your electronics packaged and installed at your new home with out of state moving services. Moving protection is available in case of damage or loss of property.

We Move Anywhere Offer Resources To Help

We Move Anywhere the Out of State Movers offers guidance and checklist to help in focus your moving activities on the website that include packing valuables, supplies and Packing 101. You can learn more about other optional services such as car shipping and cleaning services. There are many ready to print checklists to help you get organized. Make sure you read about the things that can not be transported so that they can be disposed of before loading your truck.

Some things that can’t be moved by We Move Anywhere, such as your nail polish and remover, can be carried in the car with you, along with your important paperwork and the things you’ll need once you arrive at your new home. Perishable goods, firearms and flammable materials and chemicals can not be transported by We Move Anywhere to ensure your property remains safe during its transport.

We Move Anywhere Offers Peace of Mind

You can find less expensive ways of moving but none can give you the piece of mind at having professional out of state movers on the job. We Move Anywhere has a reputation of providing service that far surpasses expectations, something that’s of great pride to the company. Fair pricing, flexible services to meet your needs and moving coordinators ready to help, you should contact WeMove Anywhere as soon as you are sure of a date for your move. Summer is the most expensive time to move and making an early appointment will ensure that out of state movers are available when you need them.

Using professional out of state moving services give you the advantage of experienced movers who are there every step of the moving process. You are sure you are using a license moving out of state company and insurance from the Department of Transportation for your property. With WeMove Anywhere as your out of state moving company, you can move anywhere in the country with no worries. Your belongings can be unloaded in the rooms you want once you reach your new home.

A few weeks before your move, you are feeling confident that the move you planned will be carried out in a timely manner, but you still have lots to do, such as making sure your family and friends know you are moving. You alert your children’s school and get their records in hand to register them at their new school. You have researched the businesses important to your lifestyle in your new state. You and your family will create new ties and new relationships in your new community. You may have even made note of family friendly activities and safe places for your children to enjoy visiting in your new city.

Moving Day

The morning of the move, the professional out of state movers arrive, ready to go to work. The WeMove Anywhere team can take care of unconnecting appliances such as the stove and washer and dryer. They have all the equipment with them to load your belongings and pack the truck in a manner that makes them safe to travel, including moving equipment, pads to protect your furniture and can provide trash removal services. Make sure to have your utilities disconnected or transferred to your new home.

The closest grocery and gas station are all mapped out as well as your transit route to your new home. You checked all your checklists and you are sure you are making the right decision about your budget and your emergency fund is in hand. The road trip to your new home can be an exciting time, seeing sites and discovering little known activities that may be worth experiencing once you are settled into your new home. Your children may be entertained by their tablets rather than asking the question, “Are we there yet?”.

Take Advantage of Convenience  & Ease

You and your family are ready to make your new home more comfortable and a reflection of good taste and creativity. It may be weeks before you are properly settled in. You look back to see all you have gotten done with the help of We Move Anywhere and how easy and well organized the move was. You reflect a moment before you add your voice to the praises of others who have experienced the convenience and professional services of We Move Anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions About Out of State Moving

Can I complete an out-of-state move by myself?

Of course, you can complete an out-of-state move by yourself, but it will be much harder and time consuming than it would be if you hired out of state moving services. If you complete the move by yourself, you will most likely need to take multiple trips and potentially spend more money than you have to.

How do moving companies charge for out-of-state moves?

Moving out of the state comes with two main costs when hiring a moving company. Those two costs are the weight of the goods that are being moved and how far those goods are being moved. There are other accessory costs that are different for each move, but those are the two main costs that accompany hiring a moving company.

What month and time of the year is best for moving?

When hiring out of state movers, the best time to move is around the winter holidays. November and December are good months to move in because moving companies typically do not have much business during this time. Most people do not want to move during the holidays, which causes business to be slow.

When should I call for moving quotes on my upcoming move?

You should try and call for moving quotes as soon as possible because the availability of the moving company may be tight. If you call numerous weeks before your move, then you should be able to get a quote prior to making your move.

What should my expectations be on moving day?

When you hire, We Move Anywhere, as your out of state movers you can expect that your belongings will be packed, and your furniture and home will be prepped to avoid any kind of damage. You can also expect that the moving trucks will be loaded and then once your destination is reached, we will unload the trucks.

How much does an out-of-state furniture move cost?

An out-of-state furniture move depends on the weight of the furniture being moved and the distance that the furniture is being moved. Each moving company has their own rate per unit of weight and unit of distance that you can calculate based on the weight of your furniture and distance required for your move.

What is the cheapest out-of-state moving method?

There is not a definite cheapest way to move out-of-state, but you can calculate this by comparing costs. If you compare the costs of moving yourself and moving with a company, then you can come up with the cheapest possible way to move to your new home.

How difficult is moving to another state?

Moving to another state can be hard, but the difficulty of moving depends on how well you prepare. If you give yourself enough time to plan the move and make the appropriate plans, then moving to another state should not be any harder than any other move.

What Is An Out Of State Move?

An out of state move is when you relocate your belongings outside of your current state; For example moving from Nevada to California. Out of state moves are also considered to be a long distance moves if the move is greater than 400 miles. 

Any Items I Can’t Pack When Moving Out Of State?

There are some items which we cannot take with our moving trucks like plants & pets. Also most of these items can be hazardous for our movers. You can read more about our Restricted Moving Item Checklist to help you plan your out of state move without any hesitation or worry. 

When Should I Call To Plan My Out Of State Move?

Give us as a call as soon as you know the date of your out of state move, remember that we need to check if that moving day is available for us to book you. Call us ASAP once you know the time frame of your move.

Does Out Of State Moving Include Storage?

Unfortunately it does not, but if anything unpredicted happens throughout your out of state move and need additional time, then you can call us right away to add temporary storage to your moving services.

How To Prepare For Out Of State Moves?

First you need to know what you will be shipping through the moving truck, which it’s basically all your home belongings like appliances, furniture & bedroom/bathroom utilities. Anything else you don’t need you can donate to help lower your moving expenses. 

Then think if you need to ship your car(s)? or will you be driving to the new location? Planning ahead is a key factor when making an out of state move.

Are Movers Licensed For Out Of State?

Of course, we have to! As a national moving company we must secure all moving licenses required to provide out of state moving services. As mentioned above, “We Move Anywhere” is equipped with a U.S DOT number & credited with the FMCSA to ensure our customers that we are right for the job.

Does Out Of State Moves Include Moving Protection?

Yes, when making out of state moves, which involves a long distance  moves, our company can provide a Full-Value protection plan which will protect your valuables in case of any natural disasters or issues with our moving trucks. Any additional insurance you may want/need contact us for further information.

Is Moving To Alaska / Hawaii Considered Out Of State Moving?

Technically yes If you live outside of these states, but we have to re-arrange the shipping services to marine cargo since these states are separated by water. Please contact our representatives so we can explain in detail how we do an out of state move to Alaska / Hawaii.

Moving Tips & Guides

We know international moving can be challenging for ordinary people. We offer international moving tips you can check out to stay fully prepared for any long distance movers. Check out our international moving FAQs page, and you will get most of your burning questions about international moves answered.