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Moving Safely During Covid-19 Pandemic

Moving Safely During Covid-19 PandemicMoving Safely During Covid-19 Pandemic – We are dealing with a once in a century crisis. The COVID pandemic has affected all of us(in one way or another), but somehow life has to go on. Information changes so much that is hard to make any plans at all.

Moving Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic

Sometimes(though) things come up(like moving). You might has to plan for moving right now regardless of what is happening with the COVID pandemic. That is why we are here today. We are here to help with some tips for moving safely during COVID-19 pandemic.

Some Helpful Tips For You’re Move

  1. Please make sure you get a moving quote before you move. That is especially true if you are choosing either long-distance movers or international movers. You will need to go through a quote process virtually. How can you go about doing that. Well, that is something better discussed with “We Move Anywhere”, but you can try some of the following suggestions.
    A.) Please has your phone or tablet charged before taking the call. Right now, due to COVID, most of our discussions are happening virtually. The last thing you want is to has your Wifi go out in the middle.
    B.) Make sure you has all the lights in the rooms on. The reason is that “We Move Anywhere” is looking to give you the best quote they can virtually. “We Move Anywhere” needs to see everything in the room, so they can give you a good quote.C.) The reps from “We Move Anywhere” might ask you to measure something. That way they can give you a preliminary estimate for the cost of moving. Make sure all the cabinets are available to look at.“We Move Anywhere” does offer some pretty good full service moving packages. However, if the staff cannot see everything that has to be moved, then they might not be able to give you the full service moving package discount. Remember, they are not able to come out and see everything(for themselves). They will not be able to do that until the day of the move. Keep that in mind. Everything has to be virtually accessible to them for now.
  2. Do you need to reschedule your move due to COVID? You might run into that issue. that will effect “We Move Anywhere” moving services. that is why complete transparency is needed(especially right now). Most companies (like “We Move Anywhere”) is going to take the COVID situation into account. You can ask them what they expect in regards to rescheduling or cancellations. Ask “We Move Anywhere” about their refund policy.We say that because you might not be able to reschedule your move right away. You may or may not has to wait until this COVID thing is over(more or less). that could also be a year or so from now. You may or may not be able to hold onto the deposit until you are ready.Sometimes it is better to cancel and reschedule when it makes more since to move.You also want to make sure you has the proper contact information from “We Move Anywhere” reschedule your move when it does make more sense.
  3. You will need to clean and disinfect everything. “We Move Anywhere” is going to tell you that anyway, but right now it is even more important. Now you can do all of this yourselves, but there is another option. You can hire some professional move in and move out cleaners to do everything. This will cost you more money, so make sure you has the extra finances to cover it before, during, and after your move.
  4. You should also adhere to the CDC guidelines if you are going to clean and disinfect your belongings before moving. Professional cleaners are already well-versed in cleaning procedures. They are briefed by various CDC officials before starting.Those of you who want to do the cleaning yourselves should consider a few things.
    A.) Use EPA-trusted disinfectants when you clean. Go through the CDC guidelines list online. Use only the proper cleaning products recommended by them.
    B.) You never mix bleach and ammonia together(disregard anything you has heard to the contrary). Always wear protective equipment(like gloves and goggles) when needed. You should also open all windows after spraying some of the disinfectants in their air. You will need the fresh air to get rid of the smell, etc.
  5. When it comes to the day of your move, you should keep the following in mind. Please greet the people from “We Move Anywhere” with a smile. Try to avoid shaking hands right now(if you can help it).

You should also try to maintain that six-foot distance between you and them. We know that might be a little easier to say than do, but try. Wear a mask in front of them. You do not know where the movers from “We Move Anywhere” were before. Now, they might be perfectly safe. We are not trying to prove otherwise. However, you could come in contact with someone who has COVID and not know it. Franco’s movers might have come in contact with someone and not know it right away(even if they are taking all the necessary precautions).

Wash your hands(especially if you have shaken hands). Wash hands before and after you touch surfaces. You also should try to encourage the Franco movers in doing the same.

To be fair, “We Move Anywhere” movers are probably taught to be aware of the consequences. The movers might wash their hands without being directed. Just be observant during the process. You should also have hand sanitizers available for you and the movers to use.

Once again, we are talking about the COVID pandemic. This is not something to mess around with(it is very serious). Those of you who have a concern about how to address this situation.

CDC has the proper protocols that you should follow before, during, and after your move(especially if you cannot postpone your move until after the pandemic is more under control).

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