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Moving Protection

Moving Protection

Full Service Moving Insurance v. Full-Value Protection

“We Move Anywhere” Full-Value Protection Plan

You need to learn how we calculate the full value protection amount and why it is very important to complete the High Value Inventory Form.

The basic option for Moving Protection comes included in every initial quote.

The normal amount for the plan is figured by multiplying the guessed weight of your load by $6 a pound. An example of this would be if your load weighs 7,046 pounds then you would multiply 7,046 pounds by $6 a pound coming to a total of $42,276. You can always up the monetary value of your load before we start loading your items. Once you have created the inventory form, we will have a nice note of your items to make it easier to keep track of your valuables. If you have a lot of expensive valuables, then you should consider the best plan possible to help you be protected in case of any unforeseen accidents.

Important: Make Sure to Complete the High Value Inventory Form

Once you decide on our Full Service Moving Insurance, you are required to document items that are put into your load which are valued at $100 or greater per pound, (such as antiques, jewelry, electronics, artwork, expensive furniture, collectibles, clothes, etc.), on the high value inventory form. An example of this would be a necklace that costs $750 and weighs about 8 ounces. If it is not on your high value inventory form, but is in your load and is lost in the move then you get $6 for it. Whereas if it is on the inventory form then you get full value price for it. You do not want to get shorted on money if something was to happen during your move. This form will even state what condition each of the items are in before the move to help claim any damages that have been done during the move.


Programs & Other Protection Option 

There is other plans and another option for Moving Protection besides the full value option that you can choose from and add to your initial moving quote. Ask your move coordinator to see if these are any option that may help you. We will make sure you get the best plan that will fit all of your needs to ensure your move is stress free and easy. We will also be able to help you get the bets plan for your budget that will still meet your needs.


Minimum Liability Valuation Option 

If you choose not to get the full value option that is included in the initial moving quote, you are covered with the minimum valuation option (that is required by law) that is $0.60 per pound per item. We strongly suggest that you not choose this option because it can leave you susceptible to loss of money depending on the item you have to file a claim on. An example of this is if you have an antique table that weighs 45 pounds that gets damaged or lost while moving, you will receive 45 pounds times $0.60 per pound that would come to $27 for the antique table.


Increased Declaration – Full Value Plan 

You are able to increase the value, for an extra charge, to an amount above the standard value of the basic full value plan. You are allowed to increase the value of protection all the way up to the time when we start loading your items. You will not be able to change it after things are loaded though.


Claim Assistant 

Our claim assistant program gives assistance to our customers that need to file a claim form because they have pieces that need to be replaced or repaired.

If you choose to purchase one of our convenience service packages, you are able to choose one of the following services, it all depends on which package you buy.


Pairs & Sets Waiver 

“We Move Anywhere” is not usually responsible for undamaged pieces which comes as parts of a set. With this waiver if one piece of a set gets damaged and cannot be repaired or a new piece gotten to match the other piece, “We Move Anywhere” will waive its defense in regards to undamaged pieces and are able to replace the whole set or give you the replacement value of the whole set.


Mechanical Malfunction Waiver 

Without any proof of mishandling in the moving process, “We Move Anywhere” is not usually responsible for automated equipment which does not work after the move because of vibrations from a rough road, or any usual moving conditions. Due to this waiver “We Move Anywhere” can agree to replace or repair equipment which will not work after you have moved.


Acts of God Waiver 

“We Move Anywhere” is not usually responsible for any damage or loss caused by an Act of God. With this waiver, we can either replace or repair belongings in the case of damage or loss in the instance of a natural disaster, such as a tornado, in the moving process.


Additional Delay Payment 

When applicable, you might get a larger rate of compensation up to $250 a day if we do not pick up or deliver your load because it is delayed beyond the date on the paperwork.


Increased Destination Wait Time 

If for some reason you are unable to receive your possessions when we are ready to deliver them at the time scheduled, we can extend the wait time that is included in the paperwork for at most 4 hours more.


Identity Theft Protection 

You can add one year of Identity Theft Protection, see “We Move Anywhere” tariff for important conditions and terms of the program.

Our basic full value move protection (that is part of every initial quote), you can depend on “We Move Anywhere” Moving Company to work to protect your personal belongings for your move. We will load your belongings, transports them, and unload the truck upon arrival. You can trust our company to take care of your belongings during your big move. For your quote get ahold of “We Move Anywhere” today!


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