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Finding long distance movers is easy with “We Move Anywhere”. Request your long distance moving quotes with our professional long distance movers to establish a plan for your upcoming move!
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Qualified The Best Long Distance Movers

Moving is a very personal experience at fundamental levels. This is especially true if you’re traveling a long distance. You may have to relocate for important work related matters, personal family reasons or maybe change up the scenery a bit. 

“We Move Anywhere” is qualified as the best moving company for long distance, we understand that there may be some emotional hurdles along the way but you can count on us for support through your long distance journey.

Choice For Long Distance Moving

Here at “We Move Anywhere” we are more prominent than other long distance moving companies because we make the moving process simple & effective by utilizing the latest technology, advanced logistic statistics, superb customer service elements & highway safety regulation standards to provide you the best & cheapest way to move long distance

Our professional long distance movers will work extremely hard to ensure you’re satisfied with the moving experience every step pf the way.

Long Distance Experts

“We Move Anywhere” is here to offer you top notch moving services by providing you a chance to consult with our long distance movers to schedule the move-out & move-in dates on our calendar, & also to see if you need any additional services you’d want to add like packing & unpacking, cleaning & debris pick-up services or storage services so you can store your valuables If you need a bit of extra time. “We Move Anywhere” provides many moving packages that are tailor-made to suit any given situation depending on the scale of the move and throughout the moving process.

Let us handle all the hard work that needs to be done throughout the move so you can focus on what matters most like work & family. With our Full-Value protection which you can add to any move, It will give you a safe peace of mind to accommodate any over-thinking or worries you may have when moving.

Packing & Unpacking
Sometimes you simply don’t have time to pack, that’s why we offer full packing services that can eradicate any stress or anxiety of packing.
If you need organizational help then fear not because we utilize packing & unpacking services, an option you can add to your move!

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Car Shipping Service
We can travel any distance to suit your individual needs & transport your vehicle to any location with ease with our car shipping service. 
The shipping process is straightforward and you can be rest assured that your vehicle will make it to the new destination safely.
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Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services
We offer effective assistance in move in & move out cleaning services or removal of pesky debris that may become a burden.
We will help you throughout every dirty task moving has to offer.

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Storage Services 

We’re well-equipped to facilitate any storage needs!
These may be for short term storage or long term storage services which we can provide to all long distance moves like commercial moves & residential moves.

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What Exactly Is A Long Distance Move?

  • The essential difference that sets long distance moving apart from the rest is that in this situation you’re moving a large quantity of items across state lines.

    • Local Moves:Where you move a short distance within the area of the same state
    • Intrastate Moves: Longer distance moves within the state of residency
    • Long Distance Moves: When moving across state lines becomes a necessity

    There are other names for long distance moving which include cross-country moves, Interstate moves or in some cases, out of state moves.


Long Distance Moving Companies

When you’re ready to move, it’s important to understand that the relocation requires a special authorization & level of authority to execute a state to state move, so we highly recommend seeking out companies that understand the legal framework of the industry

Luckily for you, we are fully licensed & certified to facilitate long distance moves from one state to another.

  • Agents are available across the country as extra resources for consultation & troubleshooting while
  • addressing paperwork of moving from state to state along with abiding by the strictures of FMCSA to grant proper authorization.

Professional Moving Services Made Easy!

Long Distance Moving Quotes

You may have decided that you want to move, so therefore you’re looking for an ideal moving company. However, before choosing the best movers, you will want to know upfront the amount you would be spending. It is one of the things you need to consider, so you don’t drain your pockets in the process.

Did you know there are many different types of moves? All will calculate different long distance moving quotes due to the distance. For example a quote from a small move won’t be the same as an international move; So It’s important to get to know all the types of long distance moves so we can calculate the right moving quote for you.

You may have contacted many movers but it would be an ideal time that you choose the best! We will provide you with many quotes for you to choose from to help you pick the best option. It can be frustrating to spend more than you had initially planned for, so we ensure that you give you the most accurate quote.

Small Moves


We facilitate small moves with ease & peace of mind. Small move solutions is convenient, fast & the cheapest way to move long distance which offers a suitable time guaranteed according to your schedule!


Residential Moves


We have access to a network of over 500 movers in our moving company for long distance moves for the sake of your convenience. You’re kept in the loop and our long distance moving experts will handle all logistics.



International Moves


Our long distance moving service is international that offers services to over 150 countries. Our International movers will help you create a moving plan that is within the framework of any budget while addressing any personal preferences.



Corporate Relocation


If you’re a manager seeking to relocate prospective transferring of employees, we give you all the necessary elements to make your Corporate Move smooth & effective. 

Get long distance moving quotes today!



Hear It From Our Customers

“The packing and unpacking service was just what I needed being an elderly lady, we move anywhere crew was very friendly & helpful too”

Susan L.
Moved from CA, to IL

“I will recommend we move anywhere company to everyone I know, My move said she had the smoothest move she ever experienced so far. Will hire again!”


Paula L.
Moved from GA, to MD
“I thought that moving with COVID was going to be a problem, but the crew was much aware & used all the precautions measured to make my move safe as it can be!”  
John H.
Moved from MN, to FL

How To Prepare Your Move To Make It
The Cheapest Way To Move Long Distance

Pre-move Planning Checklist

When you've jumped through the hoops of prepping, packing, moving and traveling to the destination, we ensure you're settling in with a plan of action to help the process along. with our Pre-Move Checklist.

Establishing A Move-in Checklist

This Move-In Checklist can help you distinguish items that are most often overlooked so that you don't find yourself in a disorganized mess. This should be solidified prior to the day of the move.

Organizing A Packing Checklist

We utilize a 13 step packing process that helps you to pack & organize all the items needed for a successful move. Packing 101 Checklist will help you save money, time and help take the edge off the arduous task of packing & moving.

First-night Checklist

Get exciting and informative tips from our long distance moving company to make your first night transition a breeze. This First-Night Checklist includes the things you need such as basic tools, cleaning utensils, silverware and hygiene necessities.

Non-allowable Items Checklist

Certain items cannot be packed for moving that involve explosive or toxic substances. These items aren't allowed for any long distance move, so this Restricted Moving Checklist will make sure these are not packed along with your other belongings.

Pack Separately Checklist

Certain items are of great value and you may wish to keep them close by just as a precaution. In this case you can create a Pack Separate Checklist for especially valuable items to keep in the confines of the traveling vehicle.

General Moving Tips & Guides

Check out our expert resources for those searching for DIY advice, packing tips, checklists and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Any Items I Can’t Pack When Doing A Long Distance Move?

There are some items which we cannot take with our moving trucks like plants & pets. Also most of these items can be hazardous for our movers. You can read more about our Restricted Moving Item Checklist to help you plan your long distance move without any hesitation or worry. 

Are We Licensed For Long Distance Moves?

Of course, we have to! As a national moving company we must secure all moving licenses required to provide Interstate moving services. As mentioned above, “We Move Anywhere” is equipped with a U.S DOT number & credited with the FMCSA to ensure our customers that we are equipped for the job.

When Should I Call To Plan My Long Distance Move?

Give us as a call as soon as you know the dates for your long distance move, remember that we need to check if that moving day is available for us to book you. Call us ASAP once you know the time frame of your long distance move.

Does Long Distance Moving Include Storage?

Unfortunately it does not, but if something unpredicted tends to happen throughout your long distance move and need additional time, then you can call us right away to add temporary storage to your moving services.

What Is A Long Distance Move?

A long distance move is considered to be any move that tends to be greater than 400 miles. anything lower than 400 miles in radius is considered to be local moves. Call our representatives to find out if your move is a long distance move. 

Does Long Distance Moves Include Moving Protection?

Yes, when making a long distance move our company can provide a Full-Value protection plan which will protect your valuables in case of any natural disasters or issues with our moving trucks. Any additional insurance you may want/need contact us for further information.

How To Prepare For A long Distance Move?

First you need to know what you will be shipping through the moving truck, which it’s basically all your home belongings like appliances, furniture & bedroom/bathroom utilities. Anything else you don’t need you can donate to help lower your moving expenses. 

Then think if you need to ship your car(s)? or will you be driving to the new location? Planning ahead is a key factor when making a long distance move.

Is Moving To Alaska / Hawaii Considered Long Distance Moves?

Technically yes, but we have to re-arrange the shipping services to marine cargo since these states are separated by water. Please contact our representatives so we can explain in detail how we do a long distance move to Alaska / Hawaii.