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Packing The Living Room For Moving

Packing The Living Room For Moving

Packing the living room for moving can be a daunting task to tackle. “We Move Anywhere” Moving Company can make it easier for you. They have all the supplies you are going to need for your big move.

  • Heavy duty boxes in a variety of sizes that have flaps that close completely
  • Packing paper
  • Paper pads
  • Tissue paper
  • Packaging tape to close the boxes
  • Permanent markers for labeling the boxes
  • Thin packaging foam

If you are like most people you have a variety of pieces to pack. You have large items, such as furniture and large electronics pieces. You have many small pieces to pack, such as lamps, pictures, fragile chinas and decorations. Some of these are difficult to package due to their fragility, odd shape, or sheer size. Follow these simple tips to packing up your valuables for safe traveling.


To package lamps you need to take it apart to pack the lamp and the shade individually. This keeps both pieces of the lamp safe and damage free during traveling.

The shade needs to be in a box that is two inches larger than the shade and needs to be lined with packing paper. Start with filling the box with a good amount of balled up packaging paper to cushion the shade and keep it from moving around. After the shade is in the box you will need to add more of the balled up packing paper to help protect the shade even more. Remember do not pack anything with the shade or it could be damaged in the move. You will want to mark the box with the fact that it is fragile and which side is up so that it does not get damaged in the moving process.

The lamp should be wrapped in paper and put in the box that has lots of wadded up packaging paper. The lamp should be standing upright when it is packaged. You will want to mark on the box that it is fragile and which side is up for handling and moving. You do not want to lay it in a box as other boxes may get put on top of it and then the box may get crushed in the moving process.

Items Framed in Glass

As part of our Packing & Unpacking Services you can talk with a professional who can help you with the packaging of glass items, such as pictures, mirrors, and glass, correctly so they do not get damaged in the move. They are pros at packing fragile items for big moves. They will come and package the items for you so that you do not have to worry about items getting broke.

Should you decide to package these things by yourself use a box that is specially designed for these types of items. Wrap the item in packaging paper then put it into the box and tape the box shut. You should tape the box in all directions to make sure the item does not move in the process of moving.


You most likely have several different pieces of electronics. These need special care taken when they are packaged for the move. Your computers, TVs and other electronics need a special box. If you still have the original packaging that is the best thing to use. If you do not have the original packaging get a special box from “We Move Anywhere” Company. They have all the boxes that you need to package your items correctly.

You will need to wrap your TVs with a good layer of thin packaging foam to protect the screen. You need to make sure that when the TV gets put in a box so that it is in the upright position. Mark the box as fragile and which side is up. Make sure that this box does not get laid down on its side as this could damage the TV. It can also end up with something being put on it which could crack the screen.

Services Offered

We offer you the very best of services to choose from when it comes to your move. They have Full service moving packages that will fit your moving needs. They offer Packing & Unpacking Services which will help you out if you are not able or up to doing the packing and unpacking yourself. They offer Storage service in case you should need to store something for a while until you can get it moved in. If you do not feel like doing the cleaning before you move into your new place or cleaning the old place after moving then “We Move Anywhere” offers Move in & Move out cleaning services. You can choose which if any of these services that you might want if any of them. You might find that they would be helpful to you for the process of moving.

“We Move Anywhere” Moving Company is the perfect company for your next move. We have Full service moving packages, Storage service, Packing & Unpacking Services and Move in & Move out cleaning. Do not forget the supplies that you will need for Packing your living room for moving. “We Move Anywhere” will make it as easy as possible for you when you move. Each of their service can come in as a big help with the moving process. Not everyone likes to or has time for packing before a big move or unpacking after the move, so their special service can be a great help for that.

Let’s Get Moving

You never know if you may have to store some of your items until you figure out where to put them which “We Move Anywhere” has a special service for that. Most people do not like to have to clean up after a move and then turn around and clean before they can put out their items. “We Move Anywhere” can take care of this messy project for you. So, check out our Moving Services (Long Distance Movers or Out of State Movers) and see what we have to offer you and how much we can help with your big move. We can be a big help to you during this time.


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