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How To Plan A Garage Sale Before Moving

How to Plan A Garage Sale Before Moving

Plan A Garage Sale Before Moving“We Move Anywhere” Company recommends that three weeks be put into planning for an effective way to generate a smooth well planned, profitable experience from a garage sale. They also think it is best to clear out unwanted things before moving to a new location by being sure to plan a garage sale before moving. So if you are moving to a new location and are willing to take in the wisdom of organization to plan a garage sale for moving we will tell you what you need to do. Let’s get to packing & unpacking, you have space to clear out or probably a new house to move into.

Check Your Local Rules

Before you begin on your journey you need to check with your local authorities on the rules and regulations in your area predetermining the rules circumventing garage sales and what can be done. You may be subjected to collect sales tax, purchase a special permit, or pay a fee subject to your location. Signs advertising the sale might also be under subjugation of permissible or nullified depending on your city ordinances.

You should consider making a joint sale to share the funds, experience, and fun. Not to mention two houses worth of old goods is more quantity of product than one house alone, higher quantity equals more income depending on product quality and sales.

Find a Good Location

“We Move Anywhere” Company believes it is important to pick a good location for the sale in your business approach and how you can best use this location to make what you want to achieve happen. For example, without some sort of advertisement a garage sale located deep in the piney woods of seclusion might not do as well as a garage sale in a suburban area where houses are closer together. Therefore, a central location like a community center or main access through your city might be a better option depending on location. But if held in your house you must decide which area has sufficient space to accommodate your needs like the patio, garage, or backyard in your own abode.

Plan Correctly

Whether long distance moving, local moving, out of state moving or international moving the fact that the hours and date of the sale needs to be well planned and orientated are nevertheless undeniably not impotent to the success of your business venture. You should also be sure to let your insurance company know that you are conducting a garage sale so that they are aware of your actions in case that a lawsuit arises due to foul play or injury of a consumer in the premises, causing you to become liable for those medical cost and expenses. You should also start saving paper and plastic shopping bags as well as cardboard boxes for the convenience of your consumer spenders.

What To Sell?

Now, when the question arises as what to sell at your garage sale you should go through your entire house with a notebook, taking notes on what you do not need or will probably never use with a realistic approach to life. For example, clothes that you wore in the 5th grade might not prove useful to you if you are in a mid life crisis and around the age of 45! If you have fewer than 100 items you should consider hosting a join sale with a friend, family member or neighbor. If you have rented a storage service, check the storage container for items to sell as well. This concept applies whether you are local moving, long distance moving or international moving, though the depth of what you chose to take with you and sell may differ depending on distance traveled and availability of space.

Make Your Items Presentable To Sell

After you have preformed your move in & move out cleaning and have decided which items you wish to sell, the next ordeal is to make sure the items are in grade A shape. Never sell anything that you wouldn’t wear or buy, use this as a good rule of thumb to deem if an item is worthy of selling or not. You should place all items in one general location to start before the sale begins to inspect each item accordingly. During this time you should make all necessary repairs to the items such as sewing, nailing or stapling, and even glue if necessary. Remember with the rule of thumb in mind, a small repair or touch up could mean the difference between an unsold item and a cleaned out house with no left overs after your sale is complete. Be sure to use the rule of thumb provided anytime you are conducting move in & move out cleaning before a garage sale.

Different Selling Methods

There are several methods to selling the items you have at a garage sale. The first list is wrapping related items such as sauce pans and skillets into bundles for sale, after allocating a fair price for the bundled items. The second sale option is to use surprise paper sack bags for purchase, but place items of related category together and allow the buyer to see one item of the category provided visible outside of the bag to entice the selling experience. All clothing, linens, and fabrics should be cleaned and ironed and placed on hangers with a size indicated on them before the sale begins to give off the professional approach, nobody wants to buy clothing with last years lunch smeared across the center of the fabric.


If necessary use bleach or other chemicals to clean as much as possible without breaking your bank by sending clothes to the cleaners. The same goes for shoes as well, polish, wipe, pair, and size all shoes before 5they are put on display for customers to see. If by chance you are conducting a joint sale, the best option to track profits and not get confused is count the number of items each persons involved brought to the table and mark each with a different color indicator on a paper tag, at the end of the sale count the number of items left and verify the color on the tab to see how many items were sold from each individual.

Be Organized

If a code is used instead of a color and thew prices of those coded items are used, they can be put into an Excel Spreadsheet or Google Sheet to see what items sold or costed what and how much each person generated during the sale to allocate profits to all individuals participating in the garage sale. Always place tags at the bottom of the item to prevent the scarification of the item when the tag is removed, if used with clothing, try taping the tag on the inside of the collar. Never staple a tag to clothing, an additional option are press on tags!

Several ways to advertise your garage sale:

  1. Placing an AD in your local newspaper.
  2. Announcing the sale and asking if it is OK to make a posting at local golf clubs, stores and country clubs in your area.
  3. Inserting a listing in the local church bulletin or school newspaper with various items children may be attracted to like toys, video games and video game
  4. systems. If you do this know who you are targeting and try to think what would your targeted audience enjoy7 having from your sale.
  5. Traveling door to door might not be the most fun or least time consuming option but it is an effective way to get the word out within the local vicinity.
Don’t forget to check you local storage service you are renting for extra items to sale before you move, and when packing & unpacking boxes before moving be sure to be realistic with yourself if you will ever use the item again or not. Do not horde, you will make your moving cost higher!

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