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Packing Glass & Wines For Moving

Packing Glass & Wines For MovingPacking Glass & Wines For Moving“We Move Anywhere” Moving Company knows very well that one of the most important items that require careful packing when moving are glassware and wine bottles. As experienced movers, we know how important packing glass for moving can be for you to have a great unpacking experience. Our company offers packing & unpacking services to better serve you and to help protect your valuables throughout the entire transition of homes.

We’re sure that there are a few folks out there who are willing to undertake the stressful task of packing glass and wine bottles for moving, so we have assembled a list of valuable tips Packing Glass & Wines For Moving go as smooth as the pros do:

Wrap Them All Properly

Wrap all glass individually! Especially when it comes to pieces of china, porcelain and ceramic ware. They should never be packed together. Start by stuffing the inside of the glass (or mugs) and then continue wrapping a few times around the stem. Use packing tape to secure the protective wrapping for
the entire move”

Don’t Package Glass All Together

When you are packing glass for moving in a box, you have to keep all the same glasses together and avoid packing in other types of glasses or mugs.
Mismatched glassware will pack unevenly, resulting in possible breakage of these delicate items during the course of the move.

Avoid Having Gaps

Fully fill in the all gaps between the glasses with crumbled newspaper. This will keep the contents of the box from moving around during transit and ensure they get unpacked in their final destination in one piece. The crumbled newspaper will act as a shock absorber for the items they surround, helping to protect as much as possible in the event of an unexpected bump or drop.

Label Your Boxes

Make sure you properly seal your boxes and write “FRAGILE” in big, bold letters across the sides. Don’t forget to also display the orientation of the box by writing “THIS SIDE UP”, along with an arrow pointing in the right direction. When packing and unpacking the truck, these helpful tags will help your movers identify boxes that they need to be extra careful with when carrying and when placing them down.

Packing Glass & Wine Bottles

Packing Wine bottles for moving can be a little more trickier than wine glasses. We will always recommend hiring “We Move Anywhere” Company and utilizing their packing & unpacking services, especially when dealing with an extensive wine collection.

Depending on the size of your collection, you may want to personally pack and transport your wine bottles in your own vehicle. This can be a safe way to transport your wine collection to your new home and you can personally make sure your bottles will not suffer any accidents that sometimes do occur when moving.

For an enthusiast wine collector with a larger and more valuable inventory, there are some important factors that need to be considered when packing wine bottles for moving:

Get It Appraised

Have your collection appraised by a professional. This will be necessary when purchasing insurance or a protection plan for your bottles. Whether you purchase your own protection or use one of our own protection plans, an appraisal will ensure the right amount of coverage is purchased. Be sure to go with a qualified professional. “We Move Anywhere” Company can help recommend local professional, so be sure to ask us.

Check Regulations

If moving across state lines, be sure to check with your destination’s local authorities. Alcohol is regulated differently state to state, so you will want to ensure you will not be violating any restrictions placed on the amount of alcohol that is being moved in.

Proper Packing

Using the appropriate boxes for packing bottles for moving cannot be stressed enough. Our moving company can supply you with the right boxes for
packing and moving your glass & glass bottles while keeping them safe and secure. Bottle shipping boxes with dividing inserts are an industry standard and should be used to keep glass from crashing into each other.


Wine is always stored in a cool, dark place. It is often stored in a climate controlled environment to avoid heat or cold damage. When preparing to transport
a valuable collection of wine bottles, it is important to take care of the fluid contents and avoid damaging their delicate chemistry. Long distance moving
on a hot day, in a truck without a climate controlled cargo space can lead to a spoilage of your wine collection during the actual move. It is for this reason we
may recommend moving your wine bottles in a separate, climate controlled moving van. This will ensure that the contents of your collection are not altered by
extreme sunlight, heat or cold.


It’s important to create and check your inventory of wine bottles, before and after the move. When your collection arrives at your new home, be sure to go over it and check it against your inventory along with your moving specialist.

Avoid Gaps In The Packaging

The wine being transported may experience shock during the course of the move. This is caused by the movement created when carrying the box in and out of the
truck or van and during the actual transit because of the vibrations created by driving the truck or van. It is advised that wine bottles be unopened for up to
seven to ten days after the move in order to avoid loss of flavor and allow the contents to resettle back to their natural state.

Avoid Heat & Sunlight

The fine character and delicate chemistry of a fine wine can be easily disrupted by only small amounts of heat and sunlight. We can ensure that the integrity of the wine will be maintained by employing strict standards that are practiced by only the best moving companies who have professional care for their customer’s belongings and satisfaction.

Choosing The Right Moving Company

As a fully licensed and experienced moving company serving the region for over 17 years, we have had many successful moves amounting to over tens of thousands of wine bottles having been transported by our moving professionals. Moving is a difficult and stressful task and our moving professionals have the tools, the equipment and the services you can use to take the hassle out of your next move.