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Decluttering Before Your Big Move

Decluttering Before Your Big Move

Declutter For Moving

Moving with dirty unnecessary items can make you waste your time packing things you no longer need. It would be wise to sort out your household items in each room to see the things that you still value and the old unused clothes, appliances, and tools. Doing this when you plan to move will reduce your baggage, which will, in turn, save on the cost of Packing & Unpacking Services. Here are essential tips from “We Move Anywhere” Company and reasons you need to declutter before a move to help make things easier.

Reasons To Declutter Before Moving

If you leave your items all over the house, they will make the rooms look messy. When you decide to declutter and organize your place, you have to clean, sort, and arrange. The best time to get rid of things you don’t need is when you want to move to a new house or town. It is not an easy task, but after you finish, you will realize how much it saved you when packing ready to move, and when you will be unpacking. Although you might regret losing something you treasure in the process, the benefits will outweigh your sorrows.

Here are some reasons why you need to declutter:

  • To reduce costs of moving services

    when you embark on decluttering, the lot you are moving with will reduce the size of the packaging. When you hire a truck to carry the household items, they’ll charge according to size and distance, but you got rid of some things, the cost will reduce.

  • No much cleaning

    moving to a new house with dirty things will force you to clean up to have the place in order. Doing this will stop you from touring your new environment, but if you had already done cleaning before packing, you would have enough time to bond with neighbors and explore the neighborhood.

  • Makes you orderly

    while sorting out your items before packing, you will discover some misplaced goods that you deem essential. When you finally get your lost items when moving to your new place, you will have to arrange them in an orderly manner to avoid losing them again, and this will make the house tidy and well organized. The entire Packing & Unpacking Services will be streamline saving you time and money.

  • Liberates your mind

    if you keep stacking items, you don’t use anymore in a corner over a long time because of your attachment to it, and your friend needs that to survive, makes you look mean. If you decide to give it out to the friend, you will not only be happy and free from guilt, but you will have also saved a person and cut on the cost of transportation.

  • Have a new beginning

    when you move with less baggage, unpacking will take less time, your rooms will have a new look, and you will be able to have more space in your home.


Make Prior Arrangements

You should start arranging what you should move with days before settling down to pack. This will help you avoid rushing and making wrong decisions. If you wait for the last minute and do the packing and declutter simultaneously, the possibilities of throwing away or giving out something that you will need are very high because you are rushing to beat time. So set a date for the exercise and take your time deciding on what to carry. Do consider your new home size to have the right size of items to carry.

Sort Out The Items Into Four Different Stacks

One with things you will retain, the other should have what to give away, sell, and throw. Label each stack well to avoid confusion and throw away the heap you don’t need immediately.
  • What to retain

    look for the items you can repair or modify and question yourself when you last used it, if you still need it, and what will you use it for in your new home? What’s the cost of repairing it, and for how long will it last after repair and the number of times it will serve you? Doing this evaluation will help you see its worth and value it will add to your new house.

  • What to sell

    after identifying the items that are still in good shape but you don’t need, you can look for a market to change them for money. Even though it might take your time to get a potential buyer, look for avenues to make a quick sale. Take pictures of the items and post online, go to shops that deal with used household items, and host a boot sale to reach different customers.

  • Find a resale shop

    do a proper search of the resale shop before transacting to look for the best offer and know the kind of items they deal in because some shops specialize in specific things like the clothes only shop. Doing a visit before the selling is needful because most resale shops work with appointments and have a daily sale limit, so you won’t waste time and money carrying the items without inquiries.

  • Find Resale websites

    apart from going for the physical shop around, you consider selling on resale websites that deal with clothes, work with classified ads and e-commerce websites. You can also post on the social media pages that allow marketing or on the areas local online market. Or better yet, get in touch with “We Move Anywhere” Company for ideas on what to do with things you no longer need.

  • Give out

    this will make you reduce the package you are moving with and make the receiver happy. Most of these items are the things you stopped using long ago, so it will not cost you giving away as long as they are in good shape. Please don’t give out broken, torn, or old items to make it be goodwill giving and not looking down on someone. Choose on books you read while in school and outgrew and give to a charity or friend. The clothes you wore once and never liked how you looked on it or toys or furniture you don’t use. You can even give out kitchen items you keep stacking in a corner for lack of what to do with them.

  • Throw away

    this stack consists of things you can’t give away, sell, or pack. Mostly they are in bad shape and valueless.


Sort From One Room To The Other

Choose one room to work on from the less demanding to the less involved and carry you stacking boxes. Divide the room into portions and start from the massive items going down.
  • Sorting and packing the kitchen before a move

    check for what you have been keeping but don’t have worth. Pack the old plates and cups separately, appliances with damaged parts, foods and drinks spoilt. Read more tips from “We Move Anywhere” Company on packing the kitchen before a move.

  • Bedroom

    choose the clothes and shoes you don’t remember the last day you wore, the non-fitting, and the worn-out items. Look for the bedsheets that have stains and out of fashion, the things you consider old.

  • Washrooms

    it is the smallest room but can have many empty tins, expired detergents, old towels, and spoilt washing machines.

  • Living room

    you will find the most unused and old furniture here which you will not need in the new house. Check for out of fashion chairs, art pieces, frames, and rugs.

  • Storage room

    look for containers you don’t use, broken electronics, old souvenirs, and cleaning tools or equipment you store here.

When you declutter before a move, you will get rid of most items you don’t use your moving will be smooth. You will cut the cost of transportation and packing, reduce the intense unpacking process, and have a tidy and orderly house. Make sure you go from one room to another to collect all items while decluttering before your big move. You can consider hiring moving services to help you out.


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