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Choosing “We Move Anywhere” Moving Company

Choosing "We Move Anywhere" Moving Company

How Do You Pick a Moving Company?

We Move Anywhere Moving Company –  When It’s time to move it can get hectic sometimes, Moving across the country is even more challenging if you do not find a reliable long distance movers. The challenge starts when you fear the loss or damage of your items and the high costs that come with moving. However, with a trusted moving company, you never have to worry whether moving locally or long distance. The stress of moving might blind you to pick a nationwide mover who may never meet your needs. When choosing a moving company please, consider the following:

Licensed & Insured 

moving companies for long distance transportation are more responsible as they risk losing their license in case you complain about their services. Again, the government can help track a licensed company. Take the company’s US DOT number and verify it from Insurance, on the other hand, helps cover your goods in case of loss or damage during moving. This way, you never have to worry whether your items reach their destination in good shape.

Personalized Services

A good moving company should only pack your items in the truck, and not move you and seven others in the same truck. A truck that delivers across different states before it gets to your moving location increases the chances of loss and damage and delays the delivery of your goods. It is important, therefore, to pick a moving service with trucks of different sizes to meet your needs.

Takes A Moving Inventory

While you will have a checklist for moving, a moving company should take inventory of all the items you plan to move, whether large or small. The mover should be able to check your boxes, cupboards, book cases, and everywhere else to ensure everything moves. This is important if anything is lost or broken. It is ideal when giving you a free quote.

Consider Testimonials & Reviews

The Better Business Bureau and other customer review sites show how credible a business is. If a business is new, you can you can check their professional accreditation. Moving companies approved by the American Moving and Storage Association can be seen on

Verify The Address

When a moving company lists its address online, it is important to look up the address and see that it checks out. Ensure that the company is registered under that address. Companies listed under a residential address should be avoided.

Ask for a Written Estimate

Moving companies need all the details about your move to give you an estimate. Ensure the company sends you a written estimate with all the details about your move considered.

What Will Determine Your Moving Cost?

Companies that offer comprehensive moving companies such as “We Move Anywhere” Company will offer you an estimate based on the items you move and the distance. To give you a free quote, the company considers:

The Storage Unit Size 

If you need storage for your items, the size of the storage unit determines the cost. The duration of the storage will also determine how much you pay. Consider a company that offers you a discount when you store your goods for a long time.


If you move during peak season, the cost will be higher. For instance, there are so many people moving during summer and the high demand raises the cost. You can move during winter and save a few bucks.

Weight and Unit Size 

The size and weight of items you need to move determines the size of the truck that the moving company uses and the total cost of the move.

Moving Distance 

Moving to a different part of the same town will not be as expensive as long distance moving service. However, the cost of moving long distance is cheaper per kilometer than that of moving within the same town. Talk to the moving company to get a quote.

What Do Long Distance Moving Companies Offer?

When working with the leading national moving company, you need to ensure you get the best services. Your main concern should be the safety of your cargo, punctuality, and cost. A nationwide moving company should offer:

A good company will notify you every step of the way so you can keep track of your cargo. This will keep you at ease to avoid the stress that might come when you hire an out of state moving company.

Planning Your Long Distance Move

Because moving can be hectic, especially without the right moving company, you need to plan your trip in advance to ensure you move swiftly. No matter how much helpful moving tips you read, without a plan, you will have so much stress. It is important to have a moving checklist – ensure the checklist has the following:

Pick a Moving Company

Immediately you make up your mind to move, you need to pick a reliable moving company. Consider the tips above to compare long distance movers. Ask for referrals, testimonials, and quotes from the company to ensure you get the best company for your move. It is important if you have a moving date before you search for a company as most companies take schedules to be very important.

Inventory Your Home 

Once you have a reliable moving company, inventory everything in your home. Move from one room to the next as you list all the items in the rooms. While at it, categorize your items into those that will move, those to donate, to sell, and to recycle. This way, you do not end up paying to move clutter that you will never use. At this stage, you can decide what is worth moving and what is not. Unless you have antique furniture, it is always easier to sell the furniture than move it across the country. Out of state moving companies will consider the weight of the cargo you move when setting the moving cost.

Get Packing Supplies To Start Packing

Good packing supplies protect your items. You need to get cardboard boxes, stretch wraps, bubble wraps, packing paper, and tape. Get the supplies in time to avoid unnecessary delays when the moving time nears. When packing, break down the packing task into small manageable tasks for easy packing. You also need to set deadlines for each packing task to ensure you do not delay the moving company.

Moving Services

“We Move Anywhere” Moving Company provides a variety of moving services & resources which can help you relief the stress of your move with residential moving, Corporate moving and even packing & unpacking, move in / move out cleaning & even Storage services!

Residential Moving

Local Moving is simple when you inventory everything in your home and get the right moving company. You need to change your home address and organize for school for your children. When you get to the next state, you need to change your car’s license numbers and get a voting card. With the right moving company, you will have an easy time moving.

Corporate Moving Services

Need to move your office to a new state? Moving your office is different from moving your home. For your office, you need proper uninstallation of office appliances, and you need professional packaging to protect machinery and appliances. With Corporate relocation services we are experienced in moving professionals with safety guarantee for the items moving.

Start Planning Your Move Today

“We Move Anywhere” Moving Company will help make your long distance a more enjoyable experience. This company will help you plan your moving process and be with you every step of the way. Because moving can be challenging, you need a company that walks you through the moving process without hidden moving costs. You are assured of a moving license and moving insurance from the Department of Transportation to protect your cargo.