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Choosing The Right Mover For The Job

How To Choose The Right Mover For The Job!

How To Choose The Right Movers

Choosing The Right Mover For The Job – If you are either moving across town or the country, then you are probably going to need a professional moving company like “We Move Anywhere” that is both economical and professional. You don’t want to get someone who will end up adding more hidden charges to the final invoice that is double the quotes given, or even worse they damage your precious items and do not have requisite insurance to cover the losses or worse they come with a crazy attitude like they are doing you a favor just for showing up. If you do not find top rated moving services, then, believe me, you will end up with a horror story just like the many that you will find online. The biggest of these one-star rating horrors are usually long distance movers. Or when you need out-of-state moving and have little control because you will have to trust them to come and pack you and then deliver your items across the country without supervision. Firstly, let’s talk about some of the things that are critical if you are moving across the country since you will need these.

How To Avoid A Stressful Moving Experience

Moving across the country has unique challenges and stresses, but these can be mitigated by doing the following before and during moving day. It’s all about the Packing & Unpacking. A small mistake during the move can result in a big blunder at the end. Packing is the most crucial part of relocating. Taking the things safe to the new place depends on how it is packed at the destination.
Packing is crucial because a single mistake in preparation can make you lose possession of your loved goods. If you want to have the services of your cherished possession at the next destination as well, then you are supposed to pack it well. In case this happens to be the first time you are undergoing a move or this time you don’t want to commit any mistake in packing, then here are few essential packing tips that you should follow.

Reviews, Reviews & More Reviews

For out of state moving, you are going to need long distance movers, and not just any moving company but the top rated moving services. However, to find these companies may not be a cakewalk, the first step is to use family and friends to find a company that they have worked with in the past and one which did an excellent job for them. After talking to your inner circle, then you need to go online and find the best-rated movers on review sites like Yelp and Trust Pilot. With companies getting thousands of online ratings, this could help you decide on the best choice for you. Also, check the yellow pages as a starting point because professional companies will have a listing. You may also talk to local real estate agents and contractors that you’ve worked with because they are the people who deal with movers as part of their jobs, and they can easily recommend the best ones.

Get An Estimate & Always Read The Fine Print

Moving companies are notorious for surcharging and up-selling you on additional moving supplies and services. A reputable company will do neither, and secondly, they will not give you a quote over the phone. Instead, they will come out, do an inspection, and give you a binding estimate. The home visit is essential so that you can show the company exactly what needs to be relocated, so you are not working with guesses and estimations. You need to settle down to about three or five of these companies and get binding estimates from all of them and then compare their services. Don’t forget to carefully read all the fine print for any additional charges that might blindside you later.

Legitimacy & Licensing Requirements

After you settle on a company, it is also beneficial if you check the business out. Are they insured, are they bonded and have all the correct licensing for the long hauling job. What are their DOT and MC license numbers?  What does the FMCSA say about the company, and do they have a federal license? You can use their resources like to check out the mover.

Moving Day Checklist

One of the most important things to remember is that the more preparation that you do before moving day, the more you will save. Similarly, it would help if you had clear communication with your movers to ensure a more efficient service. Anything that you do not have, you will probably be charged for at a markup, so if you get as many of these things as possible yourself, then it will be cheaper on your pocket. So check craigslist for free boxes before moving day because it will save money; also, make sure all boxes and storage containers are packed tight to utilize space. Below are the basics that you will need to make your move smoother.

Arrange Everything Early

You must pack all your stuff before the moving van arrives, so you must arrange all the packaging materials and essentials days before the moving day and start packing. Examine your goods and see what kind of packaging materials you will be required like bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, cartons, packing tapes, etc. Arrange these things in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Make List of Goods

There are many different items in a household, and not every one of these is in a condition to be moved, so discard those items that you haven’t used for a long time, and you will not apply in the future anymore. Make the list of the goods which you will take along with you so that your movers will not have to categorize the goods before packing them.

Don’t Be Scammed

Moving scams are more prevalent than you might think, and a quick Google search will show you horror stories that many people have suffered from rogue and unscrupulous movers. Usually, what tend to do is offer you a low estimate then hold your items hostage as they ask for more and more money in hidden charges. So it is essential to spot a scam and avoid it. The first thing to remember is doing your dues diligence that we talked about above. Secondly, a legitimate company will not ask for a deposit upfront, if they do then drop them. Thirdly, always check for a physical location and use third parties to verify their licenses and insurance. The BBB should have the movers record and rating not only on their performance but how they handle complaints.

Contact Help

If God forbid that you are scammed, then there is some relief with FMCSA. This is an organization that helps consumers with movers’ fraud.