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Car Shipping FAQ

Car Shipping FAQs​

Car Shipping FAQ's

A) Has “We Move Anywhere” been licensed for car shipping services?

Yes, the company is licensed to offer car shipping services with, and their license information can be obtained from the United States Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration.

B) Are personal items allowed in the vehicle during shipping?

No, there are no personal items that can be allowed inside the vehicle during shipping. The car carrier will not be responsible for any personal items that you may leave in the car. The company’s specialists have the mandate to check out the inside of your vehicle at their own discretion. The inspection can be done at any point during the move, and the specialist can remove any personal items found inside.

C) Are luxury cars, high-value or antique vehicles allowed for shipping?

Our Car Shipping Services accommodates all types of vehicles and covers all speciality shipping needs. You should let your shipping coordinator be aware of the kind of vehicle you want to be shipped beforehand so that the necessary arrangements are made. The following are some of the categories of cars that the company allows for shipping:

  • Cars above 25 years old
  • Vehicles with modifications such as a lift kit, cab lights, oversize tires, dually wheels or camper shells.
  • Vehicles with a modification that makes them 75 inches high or 220 inches long.
  • Vehicles that weigh 5,000 pounds or more.
  • Vehicles regarded as inoperable.
  • Cars with a book value that exceeds $60,000.

Before the car is loaded to a carrier, you should make sure that you inquire from your move coordinator regarding the available alternatives in shipping your speciality vehicle.

D) What is the duration for shipping my car?

The duration it takes to ship your car to your destination usually depends on the distance to be covered. Typically, the car carrier will deliver your domestic car shipments between eight to ten days. The expected delivery date for your car is usually listed on the bill of lading that you will receive.

E) Can I assign a person to accept my vehicle if I am not available during delivery day?

“We Move Anywhere” highly recommends that you should be present to accept your car on the delivery date. In circumstances where this is not possible, you can get a trusted representative to accept the delivery. However, you should be aware that some inspection needs to be performed to ascertain the condition of the vehicle. Also, the bill of lading needs to be signed to confirm the car has been delivered in good condition. This means that you or your representative must inspect the vehicle thoroughly and make sure its condition has been recorded during pickup as well as delivery.

F) Can there be a guarantee on the dates of pickup and delivery?

Yes, we can assist you in setting a definite deliver-by date. Your shipping coordinator will provide you with the available options in case the delivery is made after the date agreed-upon has passed. This is always an unlikely event.

G) Can I ship my car which does not run?

Typically, it never safe or even practical to ship motor vehicles with mechanical conditions that make them not to run. The sole judgement of the car carrier is usually required in these cases to determine whether your car can be transported.

H) What does enclosed and open-sided transport refer to in terms of car shipping?

Enclosed transport is simply the shipping of cars inside closed spaces. It is mainly used in the transportation of high-value cars that need to be protected from bad weather, dust and debris. Enclosed transport is also a better alternative when moving luxury and antique cars. On the other hand, open-sided car shipping is the transportation of motor cars in open spaces. Most people prefer this moving option because it tends to be relatively cheaper as compared to enclosed transport.

Requesting A Car Shipping Quote

You can always request for a quote of price when shipping a car at any time. The request can be made even when you want the delivery of the car to be made to your new home or any other place. You will only need to fill a form that they provide on their page to start the request process. Some of the details that you will be required to provide for you to receive a car moving quote include:

  1. Pickup address
  2. Delivery address
  3. Year, make, model and vehicle number
  4. Date of shipping
  5. Your names
  6. Email address
  7. Primary and secondary phone numbers
  8. Individual paying for the move

Let’s Get Shipping

Once you provide all this information, you will receive your vehicle moving quote within a short time and start the moving process. 
We Move Anywhere will take care of all your car shipping needs when moving!

Car shipping FAQs are essential in answering most of the questions that potential customers may have regarding car shipping. Be sure to check out Franco’s Moving Company FAQs to get all the relevant information concerning vehicle moving services.

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