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2019 National Study Of “We Move Anywhere” Moving Company

2019 National Study Of "We Move Anywhere" Moving Company2019 National Study Of “We Move Anywhere” – During 2019 there was a significant number of more people moving around than during 2020. More people stayed put in 2020 due to the corona virus taking hold of the nation. Some people did move, but they generally moved in with family or friends that were living nearby them. There are a number of reasons for why people move to a different state. Sometimes it has to do with the taxes. Or a move may have to do with personality and hobbies that the people enjoy doing. A move may also happen because of a new job or to live closer to family. Let’s learn about the 2019 National Study Of “We Move Anywhere”.

States that Americans Move to in 2019

The top three states in 2019 that appear to have the most significant number of Americans moving to them are Idaho, Oregon, and Arizona. Vermont was also high on the list, but it is not included here because they did not have a significant amount of movers and packages and boxes moving into the state during 2019. Continue reading to see the rest of the list of the top states that Americans move to in 2019.


Idaho is at the top of the list of states that people moved to at a 67.4% raise in the number of people moving into the state compared to the year before. Idaho is a lovely gem of a state to live in, since it is the gem state after all. The state has plenty of outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy. It’s also a pleasant and quiet state. Many older Americans opt to retire in Idaho if they enjoy the outdoors and a quieter atmosphere around them.


Oregon had a high rate of people moving into the state due to a job offer. It’s a popular state for those that are from younger generations or retirement age. The state has plenty of enjoyable activities to partake in and a high job increase rate. The state had a reported 65.7% increase in the number of people living in the state.


Arizona is a beautiful state with a more temperate climate that people can enjoy living in all the time. The state saw an increase of 63.2% of more people moving into the state in 2019. The state is beautiful and has something for everyone.

South Carolina

South Carolina saw a number of people moving into the state thanks to its warm temperatures and more affordable housing options for retirees. The state saw a rise of 61.8% more people moving into their state.


Washington is a state that has seen plenty of growth in jobs and in desirability for those to live there due to the outdoor activity factors in the state. The state saw a 59.5% rise in people moving to the state.

District of Columbia

The District of Columbia saw a a 59.3% rise in population. Washington D.C. generally always sees a high rate of people that move in and out of the state though due to jobs since it is the capital of the United States.


Florida has a high rate of people moving into the state because it is one of the number one places for retiring. Florida saw a rise in population at 58.1%. The state also has a high rate of people moving into the state due to the climate and outdoor activities that they may want to work on.

South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the top ten states people have been moving to thanks to the state’s job growth and affordable land to purchase. The state has started to grow considerably in population. South Dakota saw a 57.4% rise in population in 2019.

North Carolina

North Carolina saw a rise in the number of people moving into the state for similar reasons to South Carolina. The climate is agreeable all year long and the state isn’t as pricey compared to other warmer climate states. North Carolina saw a 57.3% rise in the number of people that moved to the state.

New Mexico

New Mexico is the last of the states on the top ten list for new people moving into the states. New Mexico saw a rise of 56.1% people that moved into the state during 2019. This is because New Mexico has a beautiful climate and it has a high rate of people that move into the state due to retirement or because they want to live in a warmer climate.

The Ten Top States that Americans Moved Away From

The top ten states that Americans moved away from in 2019 were New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Connecticut, Kansas, Ohio, California, Michigan, North Dakota, and Iowa.

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